The ICONIC Stadium in Qatar, will host the Football WORLD CUP Final in 2022 with OLI signature in its bathroom

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In this architectural project of reference located in Lusail, a city 14 km from Doha, OLI has supplied the URINAL FRAMES with its fast-fit system, for a quick and easy installation to the wall, with eAQUA control plate, which is triggered by the person’s presence without the need of physical touch thanks to it’s infra-red sensors. This flushing system also allows the regulation of automatic flushes for higher hygiene standards.

Built in stainless steel, eAQUA control plate is ideal to ensure, hygiene and bathroom safety in high affluence spaces, such as hospitals, airports and commercial centers.
After the WORLD CUP, the ICONIC Stadium created by FOSTER + PARTNERS Architectural Firm will be transformed in a community space with shops, coffee shops, sports and educational facilities as well as a health care area.

About OLI Sanitary Systems
OLI is the largest cistern manufacturer in Southern Europe. Its brand is present in 80 countries on five continents. Over the years, OLI has created products that have, on a global scale changed the daily experience in the bathroom. Their “Inspired by water” signature concept  embodies  the company’s  mission  to  place  innovation at the  service of water conservation, aiming to make the world a better place, thus protecting the planet and all life.

OLI is recognized for constantly studying new and better solutions that increase water efficiency and accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Committed to sustainable development, the brand develops versatile solutions with a contemporary design for application in new construction, rehabilitation and renovation projects. OLI believes in a water-efficient bathroom that is comfortable, accessible and safe for all to use. OLI will continue to be defined by innovation.

Current partners are DAR CERAMICA CENTRE in Tanzania and IDEAL CERAMICS in Kenya. They are looking for business partners and projects to join their portfolio in other markets.