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the-kb19-4-and-kb22-4Italy-based Cormidi has launched a pair of multifunctional machines capable of working as aerial work platforms, under-bridge platforms or spider cranes

The KB19-4 and KB22-4 are the only products of their kind to offer all three functions, as well as under-bridge reverse basket capabilities, said a spokesman from UK distributor GGR Group.

“The KB series are the industry’s first machines to operate as an access platform, under-bridge platform and spider crane with optional searcher hook or winch,” said the spokesman.

The KB19-4 and KB22-4 cranes have three stage telescoping hydraulic booms with knuckle sections and hydraulic jibs for accurate positioning. As a work access and under-bridge platform, the KB series uses the flexible boom system to lift an operator up and over, then underneath a bridge for repairs and maintenance.

Offering a 19.5 m and 22 m working height respectively for the KB19-4 or 22 and KB22-4, both machines provide 11.3 m horizontal side reach and 4 m down reach for under-bridge work. At 2900 kg, the lightweight chassis of the KB19-4 is also suitable for bridge locations, said the company.

GGR Group, which is the distributor of Unic mini spider cranes in the UK, marks its first foray into the access market by taking on the Cormidi dealership.

GGR Group’s CEO Graeme Riley commented, “We’re excited to bring these innovative machines to the UK and break new ground for GGR by offering powered access equipment to our customers. I’m confident that the Cormidi KB19-4 and KB22-4 spider lifts will be popular additions to our range as they are flexible machines that will appeal to a number of niche markets.”