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BBA Pumps introduces a new KS screw channel impeller for the 6″ and 8″ BA pumps. Last year, a selected group of sewer specialists spent many operational hours on various discharge projects using the new impeller. The feedback was incredibly positive and now mobile pumps with the KS screw channel impeller are available for the world market.

This unique impeller is especially designed for pumping dirty sewage water. The basis is the well-known corkscrew concept with a further enhancement so that the pumps are also suitable for working at higher speeds and do not vibrate when a lot of air is being pumped.

Highly starred ratings

The KS impeller has received highly starred ratings and praise from its early adopters. If you would like to know more about the details, please request the free whitepaper.

DO NOT MISS OUT! the free whitepaper is full of useful information concerning:

  • Sewage water problems and how to solve them!
  • Unique characteristics of different sewage water impellers
  • Practical example of system curves and higher pump pressure
  • Conclusion: This is a real waste warrior

The KS screw channel impeller is available in the BA150KS and BA180KS diesel and electric driven mobile pumps.

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