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Tough Roofing: After 28 Years RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Solutions are better than Ever

In April 1992 RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F membrane was installed for Manutan, a company in the Netherlands; 28 years later the membrane is still in perfect conditions and ready to accommodate a photovoltaic system. A recent audit has shown how the characteristics featured by RENOLIT products have remained unchanged over time, giving a highlight on their durability and performance.

Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 10 December 2020 – After 28 years, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F still provides high-performance coverage for the production site and warehouse area of the Dutch company Manutan, which specializes in industrial and commercial office equipment and supplies. This is demonstrated by the result of a recent technical assessment, requested by the same company, to evaluate whether the installation of a photovoltaic system was possible.

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It was April 1992 when this waterproof covering was installed on the roof of the building, on a base in corrugated metal sheet and mineral wool. It is one of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F first applications with a white surface layer, a flexible PVC thermoplastic membrane reinforced with polyester mesh. Compliant with UEAtc guidelines (the European network issuing technical approvals for innovative construction products or systems), this product provides a waterproofing solution thanks to mechanical fixing systems on metal, wood, concrete and other materials.

To date, the same covering is in perfect conditions and this is demonstrated by the audit carried out last year, which thoroughly analyzed and tested the quality of the covering. The feedback was absolutely positive and highlighted how the characteristics of RENOLIT products have remained unaltered over time, pointing to their durability and performance.

As a matter of fact, the results are much better than the minimum requirements currently required. The actual thickness has been 1.14 mm over the years and the surface has no particular aesthetic flaws, such as cracks, scratches, voids or holes. Flexibility at low temperatures is first-rate: RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F is still able to withstand -35 °C, an excellent result for a 28-year-old covering.

It was also a result of the white surface layer which absorbs less heatless subject to heat, and reacts better to extreme hot-cold cycles, thus slowing down the aging process of the membrane. The behavior of the product in relation to its formulation and weather conditions is well known to RENOLIT, which offers the market high performance solutions completely tested in real situations and with proven validity over time.

On the other hand, PVC membranes have been used for waterproofing roofs since the 1960s with great success. In reality, this material is the most requested in Europe, accounting for about 18% of the market and almost four times exceeding the demand for new synthetic materials. Given the experience gained over the years, the degree of reliability of the product with respect to its durability is outstanding.

With regard to Manutan, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F has completed its 28th year of life in excellent condition, therefore the membrane is expected to last up to 40 years, as confirmed by the BBA Certification. The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is the only European body to carry out technical assessments of waterproofing regarding their durability. On the ground of real-case verifications on site as well as material aging tests, the BBA can certify the minimum resistance of a membrane according to its intended use.

To this extent, it is easy to establish how RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F in PVC may be given a life cycle between 35 and 40 years, clearly higher than any other synthetic thermoplastic material.

A project that 28 years later yet again confirms the reliability of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products, as well as a regular tendency towards innovation in the use of PVC, developing safe and long-lasting products, meeting the concrete needs of professionals who take on an everyday challenge on the site.

About RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products

Acquired in 2006 and part of the German RENOLIT Group, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products is the benchmark for the manufacture of durable, versatile and certified high-quality synthetic membranes for waterproofing roofs and coverings, for swimming pools and civil engineering. With its site in Sant Celoni, north of Barcelona, the market unit has about 350 employees, an annual production of one million membrane rolls and a turnover that will reach 130 million Euro this year, 45% of which is represented by the roofing division.

Reliability, impeccable aesthetics, energy savings, sustainability, ease of installation and high durability are the strengths of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN waterproof membranes. The wide range of products, the flexible approach focused on customer needs, strong know-how and all round on-site technical assistance, characterize the approach and work of the roofing division, with the aim of providing satisfactory coverage solutions for every specific issue.

About the Company

The RENOLIT Group is a multinational company specializing in membranes, films and other high quality plastic products. With more than 30 locations in 20 countries and sales of EUR 1,059 billion in fiscal year 2019, the company with headquarters in Worms (Germany) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic materials. More than 4,800 employees contribute every day to developing and growing the know-how gained in over 70 years of business.


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