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The good people at Tuchel Sweepers firmly believe that their innovative powers when combined with both high quality products as well as a clear ‘price vs. performance policy’ effectively ensures product acceptance.

As a result, their sweepers basically ‘sweep away’ their competition, once and for all based on the above principle.

Delta equipment

Tuchel sweepers has defined a few unique cornerstones for their overall success. The providers of highly innovative solutions Tuchel is known to work in close collaboration with their extended customer base, so that they are easily able to develop multiple solutions for day to day problems that they face.

One of their strongest USPs (unique selling prepositions) is that their engineers as well as designers head out and work in the field i.e. at the (proverbial) front lines, rather than just sitting in front of their computer consoles. This way they are able to ensure that their sweepers are always miles ahead.


This is one of the single most important points of operation for just about any machine. If it has a tendency of breaking down, then it obviously cannot be trusted as such. And hardly anyone would want to incorporate unreliable machinery into their fleet.

Highly durable product offerings

If a product has all the very latest features and gadgets possible, but it does not last very long, i.e. it spends more time in the workshop then on the roads, then it will not be considered successful at all. This is the part where Tuchel sweepers really come into their own. Why? Because they can literally last for years on end, provided that they have been regularly serviced as per the instructions manual, and manufacturer’s specifications.

As a matter of fact, the sheer durability of Tuchel sweepers forms a highly measurable basis as well as yardstick for customer satisfaction. And indeed this aspect of every Tuchel sweeper gives the end customer plenty of long-term confidence in the brand itself. The company has a reputation of pleasing customers and they walk their talk. Since these products easily outlast their competition, the mere fact that they can ‘take a licking and keep on ticking’ is enough to ensure the best overall publicity for the brand. o All-round service options Tuchel sweepers are not just products.

They are complete systems in their own right.

This is because they come fully equipped not just for the road, but the company also provides after sales support too. On top of all that, they give highly detailed technical advice with regard to whichever sweeper would be deemed ideal for any particular purpose at hand. They will also brief and train the end customers on how to use them, so that the sweeper will be able to give them years of uninterrupted service.

The technical support of Tuchel sweepers is also topnotch; can call or email them, or visit their company in person and the customers are rest assured that their problem will be solved. And last but not the least; they are well-stocked with an adequate supply of spare parts. In the rare case that anything goes wrong or any parts break down, they will take care of it on a priority basis. In case that the spare part isn’t available, it won’t be long enough before they can source that out. They have a good company culture and they ensure that their customers are satisfied.