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From planning and design, to resource management, budget allocation, and more, Project Management in Construction helps to keep the entire process efficient and on track. Let’s see how

Effective Project Management in Construction is not simple but it is now a paramount to have successful projects and to fully satisfy clients’ requests in terms of budget and functionality.

To meet this need, the Italian company ACCA software has simplified the entire project process by designing a specific construction management software, usBIM.resolver, that allows professionals to keep their projects under control during the entire lifecycle and to always deliver them on time.

Let’s discover how to easily manage each aspect of the project with usBIM.resolver.

Project Management in Construction

Managing a construction project involves planning and coordinating every stage of the project’s life cycle, from inception to conclusion.

Project Management in Construction is indeed a complicated field that deals with a variety of project-related topics, such as scheduling, risk assessment, cost control and material procurement.

There are a variety of factors to take into account in order to successfully manage a building project, such as the listed below:

  • detailed planning: drafting a thorough project plan that includes goals, deadlines, tasks, necessary resources, budget and timelines in order to help avoiding delays and surprises during execution;
  • definition of responsibilities: outlining each team member’s obligations to prevent confusion and guarantee that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities in full;
  • resource management: allocating resources required for each task;
  • effective communication: keeping open and constant lines of communication with all professionals involved, such as team, clients and pertinent authorities to prevent misunderstandings and enable prompt problem-solving;
  • risk management: identifying and evaluating possible risks related to the project’s budget and schedule;
  • monitoring and control: monitoring and controlling the project development in line with the pre-established plans;
  • change management: defining organised and recorded methods for handling potential modifications while they are being implemented, considering the impact on budgets, schedules and quality;
  • quality control: frequent testing and inspecting to make sure the project progresses as planned and adheres to the set criteria for quality;
  • document management: keeping up-to-date records of all project communications, plans, modifications, and decisions in order to maintain continuity and legal transparency;
  • project closure: last deliveries, inspections, and contractual duties; assessing all aspects in order to foresee possible improvement for future projects.

Project Manager in construction

The Project Manager is the main person in charge of the expressed duty and plays a vital part in making sure the project is finished effectively.

Project managers’ activities are often supported by the use of specific tools, such as the BIM management system, usBIM.

usBIM is an integrated system of 15 online applications with 10 GB of cloud storage that provides professionals with a range of functions such as the listed below:

  • viewing and management of the most used file formats in the construction industry (.IFC, .BCF, .RVT, .RFA, .DWG, .DXF, .LAS, .LAZ, .geoJson; etc.)
  • storage and sharing of any project file regardless of the data format, the work place, or the used device;
  • live data management in the cloud;
  • traceable workflows and processes;
  • real-time collaboration with the entire design, construction and maintenance team;
  • communication services such as online chat, meetings and desktop sharing;
  • collaborative cost estimating, directly online and without any app installation.

usBIM.resolver: the innovative app for Project Management in Construction

ACCA software, the Italian leader developer of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, has specifically designed usBIM.resolver, the practical application that helps professionals to make Construction Project Management more efficient.

usBIM.resolver is the innovative cloud-based construction management software that enables professionals to plan, schedule and monitor the progress of any construction project.

The software makes coordination and collaboration between teams easier and more intuitive by providing a variety of utilities, including the listed below:

  • a simple grid system or classic Kanban board to assign, initiate, track, manage and control the various activities of any project;
  • design of workflows from topic to task;
  • updating of the progress of an activity by choosing from different activity statuses: “draft”, “to-do”, “in progress”, “completed” and “closed”;
  • personal customization of tabs with colours, tags, priority, due dates to have a visual overview of all tasks planned with their respective managers;
  • live chat integrated into each construction project task.

Thanks to these services, users can do a series of activities, such as the following ones:

  • easily plan, manage and control tasks;
  • assign tasks to team members for corrections or changes;
  • communicate and share files with their colleagues via a built-in chat;
  • log in and update task from any device;
  • view and browse their models directly from the online viewer;
  • identify issue and create new resolution tasks.

All these features provide professionals with the following benefits listed below:

  • simplification of project management;
  • monitoring of construction process progress in real time;
  • identification of slow activities or any inefficiencies in group work;
  • evaluation of any changes with proactive workflow decisions to avoid project slowdowns;
  • better communication between all members of the construction team.

Do you want to be sure that you work proceed smoothly from design to closure?

See how usBIM.resolver works and organize your work by getting it done on time! You will reduce your project time by 50% or more!