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Vanguard has settled on Grove’s GTK1100 for construction work in South Africa

Vanguard has settled on Grove’s GTK1100  crane due to its increased maneuverability compared to conventional cranes on the market. The move comes after the company was awarded the crane and erection contract by Vestas – an international wind turbine manufacturing company for its 60 Mw Grassridge Wind Farm.

Vanguard specializes in heavy lift and plant relocation in Africa and internationally. The company won the contract for the Grassridge Wind Farm near Port Elizabeth in South Africa, which included the assembly of 20 V112 Turbines (3MW each) with heights of 85 m. Given the tight timeline of completing two wind turbines every week, Vanguard chose to use Manitowoc’s Grove GTK1100 crane, which offered an advantage in its maneuverability.

“We arrived on site in week 30 of 2014 and exactly 10 weeks later we were finished. The job went like clockwork and we completed the project as per contract and without any claims or adjustments, which in the wind market is very unusual. This was despite some tough weather conditions because of the time of year in Eastern Cape. During one particular week after a long period of wind delays, and in order to keep the program on track, we managed to complete four turbines in seven days, which I am sure is some kind of record and a great tribute to our crane and crew.” Fanus Loots, Vanguard field manager, explains.

The GTK1100 consists of a wheeled carrier and a luffing telescopic boom, both connected by a 265 ft, six-section telescopic mast. Four spreaders at the top of the mast attach to outriggers at the base to provide stability. The crane has a 19.4 to 76.5 m six section telescopic tower with a maximum tip height of 140 m with tower extended and a 16.0 m to 60.0 m five section TWIN-LOCK boom, and three slewing gears with axial piston motors. Its Mercedes-Benz OMG906LA, 6-cyclinder 190 kW diesel engines with max torque of 1100 Nm at 1,300 min has a fuel tank capacity of 850 l.

Vestas was so impressed with the crane and its performance that before the Grassridge Wind Farm project ended, it had already confirmed that Vanguard should proceed directly to its next project – the large 138 MW farm in the Western Cape, which was completed in March this year.

“There is still a lot of wind farm work to come in South Africa as its renewable energy program rolls out,” says Bryan Hodgkinson, Vanguard MD. “It was very tough for us in the beginning to compete with the more established and internationally known companies, but we are in a good space now and I look forward to the years ahead for our wind farm crews and of course our Grove GTK crane. With the current commitment from Manitowoc’s dealership – CLT in South Africa – to service and look after the crane locally, I am confident we can still improve our high standards.”

Founded in 1902, The Manitowoc Company, Inc. is a multi-industry, capital goods manufacturer with over 100 manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities in 24 countries. The company is recognized globally as one of the premier innovators and providers of crawler cranes, tower cranes, and mobile cranes for the heavy construction industry, which are complemented by a slate of industry-leading product support services. In addition, Manitowoc is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment, which includes 24 market-leading brands of hot- and cold-focused equipment. In 2013, Manitowoc’s revenues totaled $4.0 billion, with more than half of these revenues generated outside of the United States.


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