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Why it is important to use concrete admixtures in construction

The use of concrete admixtures in construction cannot be overemphasized. Admixtures have variety of properties that can boost the construction of a building. We look at some of the benefits of adopting the use of concrete admixtures.
(1) Reduces water consumption of concrete.
(2) to reduce bleeding and segregation. Boost a building ability to resist water.
(3) reduce the slump loss.
(4) can reduce shrinkage.
(5) It prevents overheating of a building thus pretending the occurrence of cracks.
(6) improves  strength of concrete.
(7)  increase frost resistance, impermeability, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance.
(8) Control Alkali-aggregate reaction. Prevent steel corrosion, reducing chloride ion diffusion.

Admixture can effectively improve the performance of concrete. In many countries,where they are widely being used, it has become an integral part of the concrete material. In particular the use of high-performance reducing agent.

Concrete admixtures allow even distribution of cement particles resulting in a more compact cement, thus  improving durability of concrete.

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  1. Nice article..!! You have particularly mentioned the point of concrete and its admixtures in construction.I appreciate your efforts of spreading knowledge. Looking forward for more articles .!


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