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Distributed via the online Pumpmakers Platform, it will provide more than 2 billion people with access to water and work in the most effective and sustainable way.

1.Worldwide water crisis

Today, almost 800 million people still have no access to safe, clean drinking water.

The United Nations (UN) estimates that by 2025 up to 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with extreme water scarcity and about two-thirds of the world’s population will be affected by the consequences of our global water shortage. Similarly, 3 million people die each year from the consequences of water-related diseases. That is about 10,000 people dying every day – most of them are children under the age of 5.

Another huge problem is that people flee to other countries or migrate to cities to find relief from the deadly water shortage at home.

There are two main reasons for this crisis: the lack of access to clean drinking water & the reliance on water pump systems that are simply unsuitable for the local conditions, such as:

expensive generator-driven pumps that need unaffordable amounts of fuel,

windmills that only pump water if there is enough wind,

imported underwater pumps that are expensive and too complex to be produced locally, and

hand pumps that require a lot of maintenance (which, in many cases, is not available locally).

Together with a team of engineers and constructors, Dietmar Stuck, an experienced well-builder and Founder & CEO of Pumpmakers, developed the NSP Solar Pump. His aim was (and still is) to provide developing countries and people living in remote areas with both safe, clean drinking water and sustainable technology.

A minimum of 6 million pumps are required to effectively fight the global water crisis now! PM Pumpmakers GmbH is an Austrian social enterprise, specializing in the research and development of power and water, using renewable energy sources. The focus is on innovative solar pump systems – such as the patented NSP Solar Pump – for water well construction and agricultural purposes that meet the needs of a fast-growing market.

The NSP Solar Pump will be distributed via the new Pumpmakers Platform – the future core business. Besides a number of unique features, the Pumpmakers Platform will be the key to providing water and work – wherever needed. It will offer everyone access to easy-to-use DIY instructions, constructions plans and videos to build and install the NSP Solar Pump.

The Pumpmakers team comprises:

Water well driller & builder as well as fellow technicians and engineers


IT specialist

Graphic designer, filmmaker

Translators and copywriting specialist

Turneries and universities

2.NSP solar pump

Based on the latest technology and a patented concept, the NSP Solar Pump

incurs no running costs,

uses renewable solar energy to easily pump water out of water wells,

efficiently pumps up to a depth of 100m/300ft (even on cloudy days),

allows water to be pumped at night, using the optional hand pump function,

requires NO maintenance at all (high-quality maintenance-free materials make this possible),

is salt water resistant to avoid corrosion,

is affordable and can be manufactured all over the world to foster local economic


can easily be assembled locally with local skills and parts.

In combination with the Pumpmakers Platform, the NSP Solar Pump not only helps people access water in even the remotest corners of the world but also provides a unique opportunity to those wanting to start their own business. Water shortages and poverty can be significantly reduced.

3.Huge benefits

The NSP Solar Pump makes people in need of a constant supply of clean water self-sufficient. Via the easily accessible Pumpmakers Platform, all the knowledge, tools and resources needed to build the NSP Solar Pump locally will be provided. As an excellent source of knowledge, it also creates new opportunities: for setting up a local business, for creating jobs, for educating others in the use of sustainable technology, for establishing know-how transfers and for helping people help themselves.

The NSP Solar Pump makes people energy independent of electricity. They will save costs and they can improve the quality of life for others with a steady supply of water. This is an ideal solution for development aid organizations, striving for sustainability and increased self-sufficiency among the population through self-help assistance.

We are convinced that showing people how they can help themselves to sustainably access water will help them build better lives for themselves and future generations.

Our goal is clear: thousands of people all over the world should have access to safe, clean drinking water and those wanting to start a business should receive all the support they need.

4. Distribution – global Pumpmakers platform

While access to water is limited in developing regions, many people use a mobile phone to communicate. In the near future, they will be able to access the Internet with mobile devices.

In order to spread the word about the NSP Solar Pump and reach as many people as possible, we will be setting up the Pumpmakers Platform. In addition to this virtual marketplace and web platform, an associated App will enable users to access the Pumpmakers Platform via Smartphone, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

The Pumpmakers Platform gives everyone access to easy-to-use Do-It-Yourself constructions

plans, videos and books to build and install the NSP Solar Pumps, using local skills and parts.

Via the webshop, key components (such as the gear unit) and other products needed for well construction and agricultural purposes will be supplied.

Users may also become a part of the international Pumpmakers network and join the initiative for a clean water supply. They will benefit from step-by-step advice on how to start their own business, from information about microfinance opportunities, important contacts, support, and opportunities to exchange ideas and know-how with others.

For the first time ever, a solar pump system can be manufactured on the African continent.

No organization in Africa has to buy and import expensive pump systems!

Pumpmakers Platform – Key Features

 Social Network – connecting fellow Pumpmakers, organisations, private supporters and media

 World map, showing Pumpmakers, organisations, supporters and water places with & without an NSP Solar Pump

DIY constructions plans, videos and books for the NSP Solar Pump, water wells and uses for agriculture

Webshop for those parts that are difficult to obtain locally (e.g. the gear unit) and further products and information for water well construction, agricultural purposes and marketing

Business concept for (new) entrepreneurs to start their own business, assisting them each step of the way

Microfinance opportunities for social entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding opportunities to support Pumpmakers projects

Pumpmakers App to access the Pumpmakers Platform via mobile devices



The Pumpmakers concept is innovative. It combines the world’s first DIY solar pump (the NSP Solar Pump) for the supply of clean drinking water with the globally accessible Pumpmakers Platform. We will use it to share our know-how and to provide a unique concept that enables local social entrepreneurs to start their own Pumpmakers business.

The main customers and cooperation partners are:

Entrepreneurs – to produce and install pump systems

Companies – e.g. drilling companies, pump distributors, installation companies, electricians – to produce and install pump systems

Development aid organizations – to produce and install pump systems on their own or to supply communities with water through local Pumpmakers contracts to build and install the pump systems for the communities

Microfinance institutions / organizations / funds – to support local Pumpmakers to start their own business

Governments – to supply remote areas with water through local Pumpmakers contracts to manufacture and install the pump systems in communities

6.Significant impact

Social Impact

The NSP Solar Pump is the world first DIY solar pump system that can easily be built, set up and used by everyone. It has the potential to supply thousands of people around the world with clean drinking water, and it gives people the opportunity to create their own jobs. One of the biggest advantages of our solar pump system is that most parts can be produced locally.

This avoids huge shipping costs and the purchase of expensive parts. Our concept helps people to start a meaningful business and to strengthen the local economy. This holds a huge untapped economic potential. More importantly, our concept supplies communities in even the remotest corners of the world with clean drinking water in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Reference Project Mozambique: Clean Drinking Water for Ndzofuine

Pumpmakers solar pumps have been supplying the remote village

Ndzofuine near Chidenguele in Mozambique with clean drinking water since 2012. With a capacity of up to 5,000 litres of water being pumped out from a depth of 80m each day, the system has opened the door to a brighter future for some 800 local people.


1 pump system can supply more than 1,000 people with safe, clean drinking water.

By the end of 2018, we would like to have at least 1,400 pumps in operation, supplying more than 1 million people with clean water and work!


Green Business Award 2014

TUN Fonds 2014

Ben &Jerrys Core 2013

TEDx Speaker 2013

Innovation-Slot 2012

Social Impact Award 2011

build! Ideenwettbewerb 2011

Energy Globe Award 2011

Mehrblick Idea Lounge 2010