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How to register with Association of Engineers of Mozambique

To become a member of the Association of Engineers of Mozambique is to comply with the requirements of Law No. 16/2002 of 26 June created with the aim of regulating the engineering activity in Mozambique through registration and certification and the exercise of disciplinary and control action Professionals.

Under the aforementioned law, the inscription and recognition by the Order of Engineers are mandatory conditions for the exercise of the Engineering activity in Mozambique.

The term “Engineer” means the holder of a degree, or legal equivalent, in the course of engineering, registered in the Order of Engineers as an effective member, and is responsible for the application of the technical sciences relating to the different branches of engineering in the research, Study, design, manufacture, construction, repair, operation, maintenance, production, supervision and quality control, including the coordination and management of these and related activities.

 Application Requirements

  1. Application Form duly completed;
  2. Certified copy of the Identification Document;
  3. Authenticated copy of Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering; If the degree has been made abroad, attach a certificate of recognition of the degree (certified copy) passed by a competent authority in Mozambique;
  4. 50 MZN for the registration fee;
  5. A color pass-like photograph (if possible a photograph in digital format);
  6. Curriculum Vitae (including personal data, nationality, place of work, academic and post-graduate training, professional experience, language skills).

After ensuring you have all the requirements you can download the application form on their site



The mission of the Association of Engineers of Mozambique (ODENG) is to:

Be the Leading the progress of engineering by putting it at the service of national development

Register and accredit the engineers who want to practice engineering in Mozambique

Ensure compliance with the rules of professional ethics and the level of professional qualification of the engineers

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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