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The Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (ASPASA) is a voluntary membership, private sector producers association.

Aspasa is a member of the Chamber of Mines.The association however, represents companies that are in the business of producing aggregate and sand. The companies also operates quarries, sand pits and crushing operations. Aspasa stands on its own, even though a member of the Chamber.

The association represents its members in regard to policy positions, through various organs of the National and Provincial Governments. Contact and interactions also takes place with other relevant policy-making and opinion – forming entities. Similar associations overseas keeps the contact.


To achieve the industry’s needs properly, regulation and control is a requirement with particular emphasis on:

  • The control of borrow-pits is not yet optimal. Nearby borrow-pits supply commercial quarries are dumping suitable material.
  • The granting of commercial licences does not consider density or the cumulative impact.

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The support that Aspasa gives its members is on the strategic and advisory sides of business. The association ensure interaction among other companies/producers in the industry. Consultation and co-operation within Aspasa occurs on a voluntarily basis and does not encroach on the managerial prerogative of individual companies.

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Classes of membership

Aspasa shall consist of the following classes of members:

  • Producer Membership
    Producer membership of Aspasa shall be open to commercial aggregate and sand producers in the industry in Southern Africa.
  • Associate Membership
    Suppliers to the aggregate and sand industry and other companies, organisations of person who wish to associates with ASPASA may apply to the Annual General Meeting to become Associate members and may be admitted as Associate members at the discretion of the AGM. Associate members subjects to all obligations and entitles to all benefits of membership, which shall include the right to attend conferences and participate in general meetings, regional meetings or other functions of ASPASA except that such Associate members shall not be entitled to voting right.
  • Subscriptions
    Producer and Associate members shall pay such subscriptions as the AGM may determine from time to time.  Membership shall cease upon the member resigning its membership. Suspension, expulsion in terms of the Constitution or discontinuing the business interests which entitles it to membership in the first instance. A member who resigns, is suspended, or is expelled from membership shall have no claim against ASPASA arising from such resignation, suspension, expulsion.