11mw power facility commissioned in Northern Mozambique

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Aggreko, in partnership with Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), the state power utility have successfully commissioned 11 MW of generation capacity in the port city of Nacala, northern Mozambique. This facility will be further increased by 7 MW in the coming weeks, bringing the total capacity of the plant to 18 MW.

With consistent annual GDP growth of more than 7% and a rapidly expanding industrial sector, power demands across Mozambique are increasing exponentially. In its role as the national power utility and system operator in Mozambique, EDM are working to bring high quality electricity throughout the country by increasing generation capacity and further developing transmission and distribution networks.

The strain on power supplies in northern Mozambique has been increased due to recent seasonal flooding that has caused disruption to power networks in a number of Northern provinces. The additional generation capacity from the Aggreko plant comes on-line at a critical time, helping ensure power supplies are maintained to essential services in Nampula province.

“Nacala is experiencing rapidly growing commercial and industrial activity based around its role as a logistics hub of northern Mozambique. By adding additional generation capacity close to areas of high energy demand, EDM is addressing increased power requirements with fast-track power provision until longer-term sustainable solutions can be deployed” commented Carlos Yum, Executive Board Member, EDM.

“Aggreko are delighted to once again be working alongside EDM in bringing reliable power to the people of Mozambique,” commented James Shepherd, Managing Director, Aggreko Southern and East Africa. “By delivering this fast-track power solution, we are helping to provide a more consistent and reliable power supply to the people of Nacala while helping to support the economic growth in the northern region.”

With around 2 GW currently installed across 30 African countries, Aggreko is the largest supplier of fast-track temporary power to the African continent. Aggreko has a well-established presence in Mozambique through the supply of power to a number of remote mining operations and the 232 MW cross-border power plant located at Ressano Garcia.

This new project will bring the total in country generating capacity to 264 MW and will see further job creation with the recruitment and training of a local workforce specialised in the power industry, a critical sector for the future development of the country.