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A Heritage to be proud of

The Heritage Place’s iconic design, prestigious address and bar-raising specification are quite distinctive – no wonder it has become one of the most sought after business addresses in Lagos, observes THUNILE NKOSI
Assembled by the investor consortium Actis and developed by Laurus Development Partners in association with Primrose Development Company, Heritage Place is a world-class development in a prime location of Nigeria. Conveniently situated at the crossroads of Lugard Avenue and Kingsway Road in Ikoyi just a few minutes walk from the most important venues in the city, it is Lagos’ commercial and retail hub.
With state of the art finishes, Heritage Place has certainly led the way in the adoption and application of the latest green building principles in the Lagos area – most probably in Nigeria – as the first environmentally certified commercial building in the city.
The Heritage Place’s size is quite enormous relative to buildings in its niche market in Lagos. Distinctively, it comprises15,600sqm office space over eight floors. Available from 450sqm to 2,000sqm, its large floor plates offer great flexibility and efficiency to the modern occupier and are fitted to internationally recognised Grade A standards. Tenants are serviced by double-height reception, meeting and dining area on the ground floor and over 350 private car parking spaces.
Certified green, as designed and built
Beautiful and meticulously designed, Heritage Building is certainly Nigeria’s most advanced development, employing the latest building principles and state-of-the-art finishes.
As the first commercial building to achieve LEED certification in both design and construction, Heritage Place applies cutting edge technology to fulfill, not just today’s environmental expectations,but tomorrow’s too. It is sustainably designed and thoroughly equipped, with the use of natural light and natural ventilation (mixed mode) to minimise energy demand which reduces between 30-40% of energy use. Water is recycled throughout from rain water harvesting to water re-use in the irrigation of the gardens, toilet flushing and condensate recovery from the building’s cooling units and accurate control systems in the bathroom facilities to reduce wastage.
Certainly, the Heritage Building’s iconic design, prestigious address and bar-raising specification set a new standard for Nigeria’s architectural landscape. Small wonder, it has become one of Lagos’ most recognisable and accessible buildings.


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