Alsina and its formwork systems, present in the implementation of the New Ashbailya in Saudi Arabia

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Alsina is currently collaborating with one of the largest construction companies in Saudi
Arabia in the execution of an electric power plant. The construction company, Al Toukhi,
needed a technological formwork system for the slabs, so they could obtain very high
recovery rates and open de power plant as soon as possible. By knowing the advantages
granted by our Alumecano system, Alsina was the chosen company to provide the slab
Alumecano is a light, fast and strong recoverable formwork system, used to make waffle
slabs with permanent coffer, unidirectional floors and solid slabs. This system developed by
Alsina only uses three basic elements: Support girder, girder and a bi-supported swivel
mount, this last one being a novelty, since its manufactured with duralumin (structural
aluminum), which gives it lightness and strength in supporting the formwork surface. One
of the strengths of Alumecano system is that after three days of concreting it allows to
recover much of the Alumecano equipment, 100% of the boards and 50% of the struts,
making it one of the most profitable and practical formwork systems without the need to
underpinning again.
Besides Alumecano system for the implementation of labs, Alsina has also supplied Alisply
Walls and Alispilar equipment to implement the walls and pillars of the electric power
Alisply Walls is a recoverable formwork system for concrete walls, designed to be handled
by crane. Due to its reinforced steel structure it allows to build large surfaces (of 3 and 6 m2)
with minimal joints between the panels. It is a fast, easy and modular system that allows
the resolution of most walls, even on inclined or sloping surfaces, and provides a concrete
finish, allowing the definition of the concrete’s texture by using chamfer strips or other
components that easily adhere to the cover.
On the other hand, Alispilar is an integrated formwork system for pillars developed by
Alsina that significantly improves the working method for implementing standard pillars in
building. It is a lightweight system due to its lightweight panels, fast by its assembly
simplicity and very profitable due to the finish offered by its phenolic surface. This system
allows a great saving of labor in the assembling and stripping of the pillars due to its easy
join system and it allows the manual assembly without crane, since it has a weight
reduction up to 50% less than other systems while maintaining an acceptable pressure of 80
kN / m2).
The construction company is completely satisfied with the performance of Alsina’s
equipment, as well as with the provided technical solution, since they are getting great
assembly rhythms with the finish desired by the customer. Work operators have understood
the systems’ operation without problems and have adapted very quickly to Alsina’s
systems, especially to Mecanoconcept.