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The famous Swedish architectural firm Tengbom Architects, active for over a century and with a portfolio of prestigious projects in various sectors – from Stockholm City Hall to the recent “10 smart sqm” housing unit – have completed the new Tågaborg school, recently opened in the center of Helsingborg, Sweden, with ARTIGO flooring being featured.

The school, attended by 550 students of ages 6 – 15, is based on the modern pedagogical approach of encouraging continuous dialogue with teachers in order to obtain the best possible result.

Also the architectural design of the building, which replaces the old Magnus Stenbocksskolan school now used as social housing, is based on the theme “Which is the best school?”

It was necessary for the design solutions to have both aesthetic and functional qualities, because the premises must inspire the exchange of knowledge and ideas.
Tagaborgsskolan Helsimborg_IMG_3690

In this cutting-edge concept, the quality of ARTIGO flooring would not go amiss and Tengbom Architects chose the Kayar rubber flooring designed by Sottsass Associati, in shades K17, a medium grey, and K72, a vibrant green acid from the “accent” series.

Choosing a neutral grey as the dominant colour of the flooring may seem like a boring choice, but it offers a huge benefit to the designer: it allows for complete freedom in the selection of colours for the furniture, wall coverings and accessories.

Falck Design, which represents ARTIGO in Sweden, has provided 5,500 square meters of flooring for the school premises, with the exception of the bathrooms and kitchens where hard-wearing materials are more suitable.

The design of the school has received very positive feedback from students, teachers, parents and the authorities. The schools triangular form which is open to the outside, its glass corridors which are illuminated by natural light and the proximity to the park have all been highlighted in particular.

Among the reasons that prompted Tengbom Architects to choose ARTIGO rubber flooring is for the walking comfort it offers, its excellent acoustic properties and the fact that it does not contain PVC. These are all important qualities when it comes to young people and ARTIGO flooring will stand up well to the vivacity of the youngsters whilst protecting their health!