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Chicago Pneumatic have been chosen by one of South Africa’s leading opencast mining contractors Diesel Power Open Cast Mining (Pty) Limited (“Diesel Power”) following a live demonstration in which a CPLT M10 light tower comprehensively outperformed models displayed by competitors.

Chicago Pneumatic, represented by its authorised South African distributor United Sales & Service (USS), demonstrated the features, effectiveness and benefits of the CPLT M10 through a day-night demonstration with the results closely monitored by Diesel Power’s technical staff.

Each manufacturer was required to demonstrate the ease of assembly and stability of the light tower. With safety being a priority in all mining environments, Diesel Power required the light tower to be safe, stable and  easy to position. With its quick and simple to deploy manually winched mast, safe locking mechanism and robust 819kg base stabilised by its wide outrigger footprint of 3.4 x 2.8 metres, the CPLT M10 proved impressive.
CP2481 - CPLT M10's being transported to Diesel Power (1)The night demonstration included Diesel Power independently measuring the lux results. The  CPLT M10  outshone its rivals with 110 lux at 50 metres, 21 lux at 100 metres and 3 lux at 150 meters.

Features that contribute towards the CPLT M10’s superior performance are the higher mast and paradome style 1000W metal halide lamp reflector which offers increased light magnification and improved visibility resulting in safer working conditions. The tests resulted in the CPLT M10 outperforming the competitor models by being the only light tower to record lux measurements beyond 150 metres.

It was this superior lighting performance which ultimately convinced Diesel Power to opt for light towers from Chicago Pneumatic, as Technical Director Steve Lambert highlighted: ”Price is always an important factor when choosing any equipment, but the performance of the CPLT M10 light tower was just too good to turn down. Previously we always rented light towers, however we were convinced to purchase these 10 due to the flexibility it gives us to deploy them when and where they are needed and crucially the assurance that we are using high quality products.”
CP2481 - CPLT M10 light tower on siteAll 10 CPLT M10 light towers are currently in place at one of Diesel Power’s copper mine operations in Botswana, where they are being used to provide lighting in above-ground work areas at night. During this deployment, Diesel Power has been ably supported by Chicago Pneumatic’s official distributor USS, whose team have been available to provide maintenance and repair services at short notice, as well as supplying any required spare parts.

As  Lambert commented: ”We looked carefully at the light tower supplier and their aftermarket services, and I am pleased to say the support offered to date has been exemplary.” Lambert added,”We have recently placed an order for some new upgraded CPLT M12 models which have impressive reliability enhancements while not losing its superior lumens output performance.”

Other keys features to choose the CPLT M10 were its efficient 1.7 ltr/hr fuel consumption, which is supported by a large 114 litre fuel reservoir, and the light tower’s reliable 60 hour plus run time.