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Clifton House


Name of the Project: Clifton house Project Location: Thane, Maharashtra, India Project Completion Year: January 2020 Carpet Area: 1180 Sq.ft.

Project Type: Residence

Architects: Aum Architects

Photography Credits: Prashant Bhat Team Aum: Manish Dikshit, Sonali Pandit, Nachiket Borwake

“I searched for a surprise in my architecture. A work of art should cause the emotion of newness.” – Oscar Niemeyer

An open ended brief was given by the client, with only the functionality of the spaces given to us. An empty canvas was enticing and exciting for us. Taking an eclectic approach, the whole design of Clifton house is based on continuity and surprise.

Living Room

The entrance door to Clifton house is a statement itself. Breaking away from cliches we have made the door in metal and clear glass. As the door is away from the main door we could create a small pause in the space. The wall treatment from inside of the house continues on one side and the other side has a full size mirror that volumizes the space further. The living room has strong arty vibes, the colours are the prime focus in here and the forms have been kept minimal.

Shades of Grape colour serenade the entry with one side being high- gloss with contrasting metal inlay the other is a tone darker in matte finish in combination with black matte metal. The latter being the tv wall. A door is camouflaged in the grape high gloss wall. The entire room has a wallpaper in beige with a matte sheen on it. This balances out the predominant grape colour.

The furniture pieces are art by themselves, the bespoke console in the niche partly finished in wood partly in Mimosa hued PU finish. Accents of the mimosa tone have been taken in the custom art hanging in the dining area. The dining table has a base finished in veneer with intersecting metal bars in gold; the tabletop is in clear glass with a complimentary gold back painted border. The dining chairs fabric adds a layer of pattern in this otherwise space filled with solid colours.

The living room leads to the kitchen, you catch a glimpse of the mandir as you walk towards the kitchen. Wanting to keep the mandir an extension of the kitchen the facade of the mandir has been made in clear glass. The grey marble floor also continues from the kitchen into the mandir. However we have used handmade tiles in the centre of the mandir to make it appear like a carpet. The mandir has hints of grey, copper metal accents and chrome.


The kitchen is a modern take on a very british kitchen. We have used aubergine colour laminate for the undercounter with copper toned handles. The kitchen top is pristine white with ash grey glossy tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. The overhead unit has been kept subtle with a fine fabric textures laminate. The kitchen was broken open from what the builder had given, the planning has helped this space appear much bigger than it is. The colour palette hence works in this voluminous space.

Kid’s Bedroom

Kids bedroom has accents of grey and sunflower yellow. As the room belongs to 2 boys of a very young age. The room has been designed so it appeals to them and at the same time is timeless as they grow up. The wardrobe has polka dots created by using a sunflower yellow base with white acrylic sheet pasted over. The sheet has equi-distant perforations. Rubber wood has been used to make the study table and the book unit. Keeping this room to the minimal

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is chic and opulent, the material palette comprises marble tech tiles, a rich burgundy headboard that wraps around the bed. Wooden finish side tables and a grey filigree kind of wallpaper that adds texture in the room. The ceiling from the approach door to the mirror in the master bedroom has a wallpaper and becomes an interesting demarcation of the passage; not a visual barricade but still distinguishing that part of the room. Lighting was critical in this room as it was more towards the darker richer side. Hence we have more light washing the walls. Guest Bedroom The palette for this room is copper metallic accents, a placid blue on the wardrobe, subtle champagne tone wallpaper and wooden flooring The room has a hint of classical style. With smaller moldings on the wardrobe shutters. A cornice runs on the periphery of the ceiling; the portion contained in this cornice had been painted in soft grey colour.


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