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Juba-Bor Road in Sudan

Construction of the Juba-Bor road began in 2014. The road is intended to link South Sudan’s capital, Juba to the Jonglei state capital. The road is still under construction however, a large portion of it is completed.

The Africa Resource Cooperation Company, an indigenous construction company in South Sudan, is constructing the 151km (94 miles) road. Recently, the South Sudan President, Salva Kiir launched the construction of 890 kilometers of road linking the capital, Juba to the northern city of Wau to boost economic growth in the East African country.

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Reported in September 2014

Construction of the Juba-Bor Road in Sudan begins

Construction of the Juba-Bor road started after the signing of an agreement between the Jonglei state government and UNMISS. UNMISS is a Korean contingent of engineers who work for the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the country.

The contract signed a week ago, will see UNMISS improve the Juba-Bor road. This road has been tempering with the transportation of goods from South Sudan’s capital, Juba to bor.

Construction works will involve improving 204 km of the Juba-Bor road, and the Korean engineers will provide the labor, machinery, and fuel needed. The construction work will take 3 to four months. One side of the road will first be leveled for use by traders and heavy tracks as construction works proceed.

Jody Jonglei, the state information minister has also said that security will be provided for the Korean team that is working on the road. Construction work is expected to end before the end of this year.

Completion of the construction of the road is expected to lead to the lowering of prices of commodities from the region, which will help to improve the livelihoods of people in the community. People also choose not to travel through this road because it is insecure, thus, improvement of this road will be important to helping the situation.

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