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Dunhill Towers is a 20-storey office building that is renowned as Kenya’s first green-certified commercial property. The location of office tower is along Waiyaki way in Nairobi and it’s in close proximity to the Westlands roundabout.

Dunhill Consulting completed construction on the Dunhill Towers in the fourth quarter of 2017 and it currently plays host to Microsoft. The office complex features several amenities which include NAFCO certified Firefighting and alarm systems, and CCTV systems. 

Dunhill Towers is accessible by lifts and it’s powered by 2 backup generators with a combined capacity of 1.2 MW. In addition, the property has a borehole with over 60,000 liters on the rooftop and 400,000 liters underground. A Gross Leasable Area of 7,649 sqm is also available at the complex.

Reported in 2015

Dunhill Towers – An Iconic Building

Today’s clients will not move into a building for the simple reason that rental or purchase prices are reasonable. They are not merely looking for accommodation for their businesses or organizations. They are also in search of offices that are modern and hi-tech, stylishly designed, and that reflect their businesses.

Dunhill Towers is one such development. The 20-storey office complex is coming up in Westlands, one of the most preferred office locations by many organizations in Nairobi. According to the developer, the tower is a “classical yet modern design that provides warmth and character to its immediate environment with high-quality interior and exterior finishes”.

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The developer believes the building’s design will enhance the cityscape and provide office spaces with stunning views of Waiyaki Way and the general Westlands area. It will also improve the comfort of those working within it and consequently enhance productivity.

Design Considerations

The architects paid attention to the following factors while designing the building:

–         Adequate natural lighting

–         Effective natural ventilation

–         Spacious offices

–         Minimal heat gain (through the use of solar glass)

–         Sun shading ledges

–         Low water consumption

–         Low power usage

–         Expansive views of the surroundings

–         Adequate parking

The main building has been designed as two towers with a common connecting lobby. There are six high-speed lifts and a central staircase to move users within the building.

The external facades have been treated with warm palettes. Large windows on all sides provide sufficient natural light and spectacular, unobstructed views. The windows can also open, therefore improving ventilation.

Because of its green design, the developers are aiming to achieve a 4 to 5-star rating.


In terms of space utilization, the building offers parking on the basement and ground floors, with additional parking between the 1st and 6th floors.  There are 3.5 tenant car parks per 1,000 square feet with approximately 12,000 square feet per floor of usable office space. Visitors’ parking is pooled. Offices take up the 7th to 19th floor. The roof level will have water reservoirs and other services.

The common lobby areas make up about 15% of the gross area.

The two towers on a typical office floor are connected by a common lobby with all services incorporated centrally. The design is versatile allowing fit-outs as desired. Each floor has washrooms for male, female, and differently-abled persons as well as a kitchenette.


Dunhill Towers has all the facilities desired by a modern office building.  The building has an intelligent power backup system to ensure continuity when main power is interrupted. It also has voltage stabilizer equipment, a parking management system, 24-hour security with CCTV backup, and refuse collection services. A borehole on site will ensure that the building’s water needs are adequately met.

Dunhill Towers features an LED and an intelligent lighting system. As a minimum, each tenant is expected to install LED lighting within their space. Other attractions include a virtually column-free design, intercom connectivity, and fiber-optic cabling.


The project commenced in February this year and is scheduled to be handed over in May 2017. More information may be obtained from the letting agent by writing to [email protected] or visiting www.dunhillconsulting.com.

Project Team

Client: Black Gold Ventures Limited

Project Management Team: B. Doshi, N. Shah, Tina Ndirangu – Dunhill Consulting

Architect: Guru Manku/ TarvinderSembhi – Studio Infinity

Mechanical Engineer: Mustafa Zoeb – EmPlan Consulting

Electrical Engineer: Ravi Pattni – Emplan Consulting

Structural Engineer: Khalid Alkizim – Metrix Intergrated

Quantity Surveyor: Eddie Otieno – Target Cost Management

Green consultants: Elizabeth Chege/ John Mulatya – Web Limited

Main Contractor: Hirji K. Seyani – Seyani Brothers Kenya

Electrical Subcontractor: Pitu Mehta – Mehta Electricals

Plumbing Subcontractor: Abhijit Patel – Plumbing Systems

Selling Agents: Dunhill Consulting