FirstRand Bank in India equipped with Intelligent Green Technology and modern office design

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EasySens and Thanos provides a perfect solution for modern office design

In the scope of an international expansion strategy, the South African FirstRand Bank identified India as an important market for future economic growth and opened a new branch in India. The FirstRand Bank is the first South African bank to be represented in India further to receiving their commercial bank license.

FirstRand bank occupies 6000 square meters spread over 3 floors in the newly constructed TCG financial administrative building in the center of Mumbai.

Sara Interiors was appointed as the architect for the modern office design.

The challenge was to achieve maximum energy savings, whilst remaining cost effective and being flexible to future alterations of the office layout.

The investors decided to use a modern building automation system and appointed ‘Energy Automation’ as the system integrator to equip the rooms with the energy efficient ‘EnOcean’ based technology from Thermokon.

The wireless transmitters and receivers of the ‘EasySens’ product line, which operate without batteries or wires or an external power supply, enable a smart control of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and CO2 levels by using energy harvesting technology.

‘Thanos’, the multi-functional room operating panel, is installed on the executive floor in a state-of-the-art modern office design and unveils to be a highlight of this modern building. ‘Thanos’ acts as a control centre and measures the current room temperature and humidity as well as controlling the light and blind control.

Wireless temperature sensor model SR04 with an integrated solar cell is installed in the employee’s offices for the room temperature set point adjustment.

Occupancy detection for an energy efficient lighting control is achieved by the wireless motion sensor SR-MDS. Conventional light switches have been replaced by the wireless ‘EasySens’ switches based on EnOcean Motion technology, which send a wireless telegram by means of a simple mechanical switch.

To achieve integrated interoparibility of all manufacturers using the wireless EnOcean technology, the Thermokon gateway is used to convert the RF telegrams into a RS485 signal.

The SAIA controller provides a centralized control and enables the intelligence of the complete system onto a special communications BUS of both KNX and S-Bus.

The maintenance-free EnOcean based sensor solution offers significant advantages such as reduced installation costs due to less installation time and no cabling costs. Also flexibility of the mounting positions of the sensors and gateways provide an attractive design of the interior architecture and flexibility for future changes.

A low investment, a considerable energy cost saving of approx 40% provides an environmentally friendly infrastructure, which is set for new products on EnOcean technology.