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Genesis Water Technologies launches new corporate website, Genesiswatertech.com

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. a USA based global leader of innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions for drinking water, process water, and waste water applications is proud to launch its new corporate website, at http://www.genesiswatertech.com.

The dramatically redesigned site, embodies the forward–thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of sustainable water treatment solutions by our clients worldwide.

The website launched last week for the U.S. market in English and will be rolled out globally over the next week with translation capability in over 30 languages. The new website design showcases the company’s expertise and its focused efforts on sustainability and innovation. The Genesis Water Tech redesign is another important step in the implementation of our new corporate strategy launched last year.

This digital gateway for the Company represents the value, confidence, focus, and expertise our clients have come to expect from Genesis Water Technologies. “The new digital redesign demonstrates both the vision and value of working with GWT and will be a key driver for our continued success in 2015 and beyond,” stated Nick Nicholas, Technical Sales Manager, Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

Additionally, the re-launched website represents another step towards aligning Genesis Water Technologies with its clients and its collaboration partners in one unified mission “to use innovation to meet the water needs of the world”.

The company plans to continue to optimize the site content and add functionality which showcase the power of its water treatment solutions in innovative and sustainable ways. The theme behind the design of the new corporate website is a campaign called “Genesis Water Technologies, Innovation in Water.”

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a dynamic USA manufacturer and supplier of innovative and sustainable integrated water treatment solutions for process water, drinking water, water reuse and waste water.

The company mission is focused on using innovation to meet the water needs of the world. Our sustainable water treatment solutions serve commercial, industrial and municipalities worldwide. Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to listening and responding to our clients and serving as their water treatment partners now and for many years to come.


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