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IVL Flow Control has resolved a sizable pressure and flow management issue to successfully connect three Nigerian villages with fresh drinking water.

A redesign by IVL Flow Control has completely revolutionised two distribution networks to create a brand new system that now connects each village to a water tank, plus one super tank.
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Craig Stanners, Director of IVL Flow Control, commented:  “This has been a challenging yet very rewarding project, where our designs and installations have provided fresh, safe drinking water to the three villages for the very first time.  We have also reduced the cost of the production and helped to streamline the network operation”.

He added:  “Pressure and network management is a global problem affecting almost every water company, so it is encouraging to see how an organisation such as Lagos Water is willing to embrace our future-proof technology.  In Nigeria we’ve proved that when given the opportunity, we can take control of a negative water management situation and turn it into a very positive resolution that properly distributes and sustains a valuable supply”.

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