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kenya-links-plazaChanging the Nyali Buildscape

Links Plaza is a 60,500 square feet development located just off Links Road in Nyali, one of the affluent neighbourhoods of the coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya.

Here, suburban communities enjoy relaxed living in close proximity with nature, green spaces, minimum pollution and most importantly, close proximity to the Indian Ocean with its beaches and other tourist attractions.

It is this appeal of working and ‘Building the Nation’ within a walking distance of the home, and avoiding the hassles of Mombasa Island which is growing more congested by the day, that gave birth to the idea of a modern and elegant commercial development whose unique and up-to-date composition would meet the rising demand for lettable office spaces in this part of Mombasa.

The architects, Symbion Kenya, were persuaded that fine living, comfort and a healthy environment go hand in hand.

By purposely planning for optimum human comfort conditions in a 7-storied structure, the regional architectural powerhouse has delivered an energy efficient building that is also cost effective.

Links Plaza provides efficient common facilities and circulation routes, all centrally located, to guarantee maximum lettable spaces and return on investment. Each tenant has been accorded 4-letting permutations per floor in addition to adequate parking allowances on two levels of basement floors, a limited provision in the wider Mombasa region. The structure respects road surrenders and is user friendly to the disabled.

In the wrong hands, such an office development could drive life out of a tranquil suburban neighbourhood. But by strategically locating a restaurant at street level, Symbion managed to create a cheerful mix of liveliness and serenity that has sparked a new spirit and luster in an erstwhile silent suburb community.

The design reflects a departure from the traditional Swahili architecture and adopts a contemporary style that expresses simplicity, transparency and a hi–tech design language that is tailored to fit into the context of the Nyali neighbourhood.

Links Plaza was successfully completed in January this year after 12 months of construction and has added a fresh breath of air to the architectural landscape of Nyali which will be experienced for a long time to come.

Project Team

Muravvej Holdings
Symbion Kenya Ltd
Main Contractor
China Zhongxing Construction Ltd.
Quantity Surveyors
Mwashinga & Associates
Mechanical Engineers
Zpojawo Consultants
Civil Engineers
Manor Consultants
Structural Engineers
Manor Constants

Sub Contractors

Central Electric
Elite Plumbers
General Aluminium
Marryot and Scott
Comital Ltd
Fire Suppression
Morrison Engineering
Blackwood Hodge
External Finishes
Molecular Kenya
Internal Finishes
Athi River Mining
Texas Alarms
Paving external works