Martil Barrage Dam in Tetouan, Morocco

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Alsina group is building a complex spillway for the Martil Barrage Dam, near the town of Tetouan, Morocco. This is the most technically complex dam being built in Morocco.

Alsina has been involved in this project since August 2011, when a team first visited the site to develop the plan for the delivery and set up of the formwork equipment. Alsina delivered a T1C climbing system with Multiform walls and an interior climbing system. Alsina also developed a special solution using 50TN support bracket and Multiform to be used where the construction is more complex. The structure also has a large access stair tower leading to the spillway, also supporting the construction as it is built higher.

The project itself entails formwork of the outside of the spillway with T1C and the dam internal spaces with the Interior Climbing System, except for two areas where T1C is used in order to accommodate curved, sloped walls. Alsina technical team designed a polygonal shaped solution and cut the wood in a manner preserving its curved surface. This particular design used in these odd-shaped spaces is erected at 71.00m above sea level (about 20m above ground), appearing to be the kind of beam that could not be made with a shoring system due to the presence of a water channel. 50TN brackets are used to support the whole Multiform system. The Multiform system was designed this way because it was not possible to get to the height needed due to the curved faces of the wall that would impede attaching the brackets.

With more than 60 years generating value in the formwork sector, Alsina’s Group has established itself as one of the leading companies in the formwork world. Its customer service vocation and the constant investment in R & D over the years have been the key to several technological developments in the sector, helping to create safer and more productive and ergonomic formwork systems.