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Moi University Pension Scheme Complex

Mezzanine Level 4 for shops, offices. (6th)

This will be a twin office tower block at the heart of Eldoret, Kenya featuring
• 3 Basement Parking Levels – 200 vehicle capacity
• Ground Floor for shops and Banking Halls.
• Mezzanine Level 1 for shops, offices (1st)
• Podium Parking Level 1 – 78 vehicle capacity (2nd)
• Podium Parking Level 2 – 78 vehicle capacity (3rd)
• Mezzanine Level 2 for shops, offices. (4th)
• Mezzanine Level 3for shops, offices. (5th)
• Mezzanine Level 4 for shops, offices. (6th)
• 17 Typical Floors from 7th to 23rd Floor for offices.
• Restaurant, Health Club and Swimming Pool on 24th Floor.
• Penthouse on 25th Floor.
• Mechanical Floor on 26th Floor.
• Communication Mast Floor on 27th Floor.

Other salient features of the development are:

• Back Up Power Supply for towers, podium levels and firefighting.
• Block Internet User Facilities.
• Firefighting Equipment with wet and dry risers.
• Ground and Elevated Water Reservoirs.
• On site Borehole to supplement Municipal Mains.
• Transformer, Switch room and Standby generator house.
• CCTV Surveillance.
• Building Management System.
• Solar Energy for lighting common areas and water heating.
• Vertical communication by 6 No. high speed lifts to serve each tower independently, with two of the lifts being panoramic
• Main staircase from ground to top floor
• Fire escape staircase from Mezzanine Level 1 to top floor
• Staircase from Basement Level 1 to Mezzanine level 4
• Access ramp from Ground Floor to mezzanine level 4
• Access ramp to enable physically challenged to access building.
• Perforated Aluminium skin wall for solar shading

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Client                                                                    Moi university Pension Scheme – Board of Trustees
Project Manager                                                  M/s Malaba Keya and Partners
Architects                                                             M/s Kenchuan Architects
Quantity Surveyors                                              M/s Bunei, Maungu and Associates
Civil/Structural Engineer                                     M/s Malaba Keya and Partners
Services Engineer                                              M/s Donn Consultants
E.I.A and Physical Planning Expert                    M/s Simuplan Consultants
Main Contractor                                                   EPCO Builders Ltd
Electrical Sub Contractor                                    M/s Mehta Electricals Ltd
Plumbing and Fire Fighting Subcontractor
Kitchen Equipment and LG Gas Subcontractor  M/s Volcanic Plumbing Work
Serviscope (EA) Ltd
Structured Cabling and PABX Sub Contractor      Jo World Agencies Ltd,
CCTV and Access Control Sub Contractor            Superserve Technologies Ltd
Standby Generator Sub Contractor                      Hyperteck Electrical Services Ltd
Borehole Sub Contractor                                     Export Hydro Pump and Services (A) Ltd

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