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Control curing is an essential process in the manufacture of concrete products, as it ensures a more aesthetically-pleasing and consistent appearance, while increasing overall durability and minimising cement usage.

Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA) is the largest supplier of concrete brick, block and paving making machinery in Africa. The company is also the exclusive Southern African distributor for German-based Kraft Curing Solutions, a specialist in the manufacture of customised thermal-dynamic and accelerated concrete curing equipment for precast concrete production.

PMSA sales and marketing manager Quintin Booysen notes that the company directly imports a Kraft kit, which is assembled by PMSA appointed sub-contractors using local insulation and ducting materials. “This agreement does not only make the equipment more affordable for local precast concrete producers, it also creates new jobs and stimulates the local economy,” he explains.

Having designed and installed more than 650 concrete curing systems in 56 countries, Kraft managing director Michael Kraft notes that the company is dedicated to making these products stronger, more durable and more aesthetically pleasing while saving the producers time and money.

“By making use of control curing, concrete products will result in less efflorescence and a brighter colour, which will also appear more consistent through secondary processing equipment. This method can result in a reduction of cement costs of up to 10 percent, as well as a decrease in pigment content. Control curing also makes the concrete product more durable,” he states.

Kraft adds that, through the control curing process, the concrete will become more resistant to freeze thaw forces, and will also have a higher resistance to abrasion and chloride penetration. “The corners and edges of the product will also be stronger, which will result in less chipping.”

Through their partnership, PMSA and Kraft aim to provide the local market with high-quality equipment that is complemented by a value-added and comprehensive service offering. This is clearly evident in the fact that the two companies successfully hosted two concrete curing seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively in late 2014.

The seminars covered a variety of topics relating to concrete curing for; brick, block, paver, roof tile, piping, pre-stress, structural precast, panels and concrete elements. Booysen reveals that the principles of curing and the chemistry of concrete hardening were also discussed, as well as the difference between racking systems and curing systems.

“Another feature was a presentation on the curing solutions for pre-stress elements, structural precast and panels, and pipe and associated water management precast. The Southern African market is ready for this evolution in precast concrete manufacture, and we are prepared to support them with value-added initiatives such as this,” he concludes.

Pan Mixers SA is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of concrete block, brick and paving machinery, turbine and counter-current pan mixers and batching plants for the Concrete, Refractory and Ceramic industries.

Pan Mixers have been servicing the needs of local and overseas customers since 1976. PMSA brick-making machinery, in the Johannesburg area alone, produces 2 000 000 bricks per day.