Solar Frontier supplies 21.3MW thin-film modules in Ube, Japan

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Solar Frontier announced today that it supplied 21.3MW of its CIS thin-film modules for one of the largest megasolar (utility-scale) solar energy power plants in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. The power plant, which came on stream in July 2014, is owned and managed by US Power Co., Ltd, a joint operating company set up by Ube Group and Showa Shell Sekiyu.

The US Power Plant is expected to generate about 25,010,000 kWh annually. This is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by about 6,900 households in Japan, and will reduce CO2 output by about 8,300 tons. The electricity generated at this facility will be sold to Chugoku Electric Power Company and has been approved for Japan’s solar energy feed-in tariff program.

Solar Frontier’s proprietary CIS technology delivers more kilowatt-hours per kilowatt-peak in real operating conditions than crystalline silicon. The performance of Solar Frontier’s CIS modules continues to be demonstrated worldwide. This project demonstrates continuing demand for Solar Frontier’s CIS modules in large projects. Supplied by Solar Frontier’s gigawatt-scale production facility in Miyazaki, Japan, the company can deliver consistent, durable and quality modules for large orders around the world.

Installation Overview

Name : US Power Plant
Address : 2575-34 Showa-Kaisaku, Fuzimagari , Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Site Area : Approx. 30 ha
System Size : 21.3 MW
Annual Output : Approx. 25,010,000 kWh per year
CO2 Reduction : Approx. 8,300 tons per year
Start of Construction : March 2013
Start of Operations : July 2014

The Ube Group operates in six main business segments-chemicals and plastics, specialty chemicals and products, pharmaceuticals, cement and construction materials, machinery and metal products, and energy and environment. The Group operates plants in Ube City, Chiba and Sakai, as well as in Isa, Yamaguchi and Kanda, Fukuoka. Outside of Japan, the Group has an active presence in the global market with plants in Spain and Thailand that produce caprolactam, nylon resin, and fine chemicals.

Solar Frontier K.K., a 100% subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. (TYO:5002) (“Solar Frontier”), has a mission to create the most economical, ecological solar energy solutions on Earth. Building on a legacy of work in solar energy since the 1970s, Solar Frontier today develops and manufactures CIS (denoting copper, indium, selenium) thin-film solar modules for customers in all sectors around the world. Solar Frontier’s gigawatt-scale production facilities in Miyazaki, Japan, integrate compelling economical and ecological advantages into every module: from lower energy requirements in manufacturing to the higher overall output (kWh) of CIS in real operating conditions. Solar Frontier is headquartered in Tokyo, with offices in Europe, the U.S.A., and the Middle East.