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Marikina Housing Development in South Africa

The Marikina Housing Development in South Africa stalled, and up to date remains incomplete. According to reports, only 544 houses were built by the government, out of a total of 2,658 houses. 

The Marikina Housing Development in South Africa began in the 2014/2015 financial year. Lonmin made a donation of 50ha of land for the project, the construction of which was to be completed within three years.

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Reported On Jul 10, 2014

North West province Gets US $43.45m for Marikina Housing Development in South Africa

US $43.45m has been put aside by the North West Provincial Government for the construction of houses in the mining area of Marikana.

According to the Premier of the region Supra Mahumapelo, more focus will be on the region. The housing project will start immediately under the name Marikana Extension 2 Integrated Development.

Additionally, the project bought 400 hectares of land from private landowners in Marikana at the cost of US $ 4.44m for purposes of settlement.

Mahumapelo said that the project’s development will be through the assistance of the locals to see its success.

Sunway village development project in Madibeng is already under construction and will be complete by the end of the current financial year. The project targets Popo Molefe, Ten Room, Reitfontein, and Cosmos areas.

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The project’s execution will have a minimum involvement of 30% for companies set up by youths and women throughout the phases of construction.

The project will see the provincial government build 2000 housing units in three years, with the initial phase consisting of 192 houses and 252 community residential units.

The project is a partnership between Lonmin and Rustenburg Local Municipality.

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