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tirupati-mazima-mallTirupati Development (U) Ltd (TDUL) is a real estate company that was registered in Uganda in 2006 under the registration of Company Act (1985), to undertake civil construction and real estate development business.

The company’s Head office is located at Plot 705 Tirupati House Mawanda Rd Kamwokya Kampala-Uganda.

The group’s principal activity is of Real Estate Development.In Uganda, Tirupati currently has several on-going projects capital worth of US$ 68.5 million and holds interests in two other large portfolios for the immediate future development.

Mazima Mall is a commercial build to sell project developed by Tirupati, of which sixty percent of the units are to be sold to the public under the condominium law. The project  is located on Nsambya Ggaba Rd, adjacent to Quality Cuts, a few meters from the American Embassy.  Construction began in March 2009 and was recently completed in April 2011.

Designed on 2.5 acres, this shopping Mall comprises of:-

–                           4 Floors of retail shops,

–                           1 Floor of offices

–                           1 Discothèque, Restaurant & Gym facility

–                            1 Floor of supermarket space (Uchumi Supermarket)

–                            2 Floors of parking space able to accommodate over 200 cars at any one time

The mall is constructed in pendulum format with different dimensions. The foundation has three layers to provide control to tension and in case of an earth quake.

The three layers contains 3.5 meters that were covered with steel and then concrete on top  and this was done in phases to allow the process of drying before adding another layer. This technology was basically used not only to provide the strong foundation but also to eliminate the risk of collapse that has been common in the recent past in Uganda.

The structure was constructed with an open space right in the middle right from the ground to the last floor, this provides adequate natural light and allow free circulation of fresh air while reducing use of appliances such as air conditioners which are associated with greenhouse gas effects. Glass was used extensively to provide easy visualization. The building is built with flat skippers to allow easy movement for the handicapped

Interior finishing

Paint was used in most parts of the walls because of its cost effectiveness and ease of maintainance. The floor is covered with tiles providing friendly appearance and  for purposes of durability. The steps and floors are well guarded with iron bars to limit incidences of accidents.


The mall is well fitted with aluminum panels, marble and tiles scuttling. A very small portion appears to be painted with weather guard.

Materials Used

Sixty five percent of the materials were procured locally and they include: iron sheets, steel  bars, iron bars, metal bars, aluminum panels, sand, blocks, cement, concerted and hard core.

Prayosha Enterprises Limited set Mazima Mall building apart with aluminum cladding, it was the leader in the supply of aluminum composite panel cladding and curtain walling, it presented a new era of technology and a present trend in building.

Tirupati adopted it because it gives a building modern look and amongst its many advantages, once these materials are used a building is maintained for between 30-35 years. This saves the annual expenditure one would incur in painting, it can also be used without having walls which help save money.

Double glazing used has the advantage of reflecting the suns heat rays from penetrating inside and it provides 99 percent sound proofing. Prayosha Enterprises has 200 colours for composite panels from panels from which clients can choose, the reason why Mazima Mall shines with beautiful out look. These colors are powder coated and anodized and the quality of aluminum used were generally of high standards and good quality. Cladding and curtain walling was limited to small area to allow good living environment.

The 35 percent of the materials were purchased from India and they include ceramic tiles, granite tiles and marble.

Project team

Developer                                                              Tirupati Development (U) Ltd

Main Contractor                                                   Nilkanth Construction Co Ltd

Insurance                                                              UAP and  Trans Africa