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Pros and Cons of installing solar panels in your home

There are a number of pros and cons that homeowners should consider before they go ahead with installing solar panels to their home; after residential electricity tariffs increasing and placing financial pressure on many households. Consequently, many people are looking at alternate power sources, such as solar panels, in an attempt to reduce their household electricity consumption.

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Some of the pros and cons that come with installing solar panels are:

Pro – Reduce utility bill

In most cases, solar panel systems save between 50% and 75% of an electricity bill. The money saved can go towards paying the solar panels off or other household expenses.

Con – The upfront cost

Despite solar power becoming increasingly affordable over the past few years, the intial upfront cost of installation was still prohibitively expensive for some. It could also take some time or the system to pay itself off– typically around seven years.

Pro – Increases value of the home

Energy-efficient elements add value to a home, and a large percentage of the initial outlay of such elements is recouped when the property is sold.

Con – Won’t work on every roof

It is important to note that particularly older homes that make it difficult to install solar panels – such as slate tiles. There is also the matter of available space on the roof, many homes have limited clear space to fit the solar panels.

Pro – Reduced carbon footprint

Although going green will save money on utility costs and add value to the home – the financial aspect it is not the only reason. It is also about sustainability and reducing the household’s effect on the environment and its surroundings. Solar power also doesn’t require water to process, while other energy sources do.

Con – Maintenance

As with all household elements, solar panels require upkeep and maintenance, which come at an additional cost. The solar panels will need to be cleaned, repaired when necessary and insured.



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