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3 signs its time to fire that client?

Ever had thoughts its time to fire the client. In the construction industry today business is very competitive and offering more is sometimes the key to securing a client but sometimes at the end or during the execution of the project you ask yourself was it really worth it? Sometimes it isn’t. Thank goodness most clients don’t fall into this category but that small number that do can cause you more damage than good.
There are 3 signs you should look out for to give you the steel to tell the client it just isn’t working.
The first thing to look out for is if the client demands for too much. Some clients expect you to do more for less and don’t realize that it costs to give every incremental adjustment. Worse still, he expects the work completed yesterday and doesn’t realize that to do good work it needs time. You just need to tell him that if he wants more then he has to pay for it and he must be patient. Don’t compromise standards in order to meet the clients expectations.
Ever felt that a client is taking advantage of you? This happens all the time especially when you appear desperate for the job. The client continues to make outrageous demands that put greater and greater strain in the relationship and many times at the end you make nothing for your sweat. Such a relationship is toxic and you stand to loose more than you will make. It isn’t worth it
How about that rude and unpleasant client. He knows he is the boss and makes working on his project totally unpleasant. He is demeaning and treats you like a lowly labourer without respecting you for your skills and qualifications in construction. Drop him he is likely to cause you an ulcer.
Luckily these type of clients are few and far between but when you see the tell-tale signs make sure you state the ground rules and discuss the expectations so that its clear to both parties.

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