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Top 5 scaffolding safety essentials tips worth considering in 2021

Working on scaffolding can pause a serious danger especially if basic safety measures are not put in practice. In this regard observing scaffolding safety essentials can help a great deal. According to a report released late 2015 by Delloite scaffolding have caused an average of 305 deaths in the construction industry. Construction Review Online interviewed experts on how to work better from heights. The following scaffolding safety essentials tips are worth considering:

1: Avoid last minute rush
While the pace at which construction work gets finished is often important to projects and budgets, it can also influence careless and costly mistakes. Invest in techniques and tools that allow greater efficiency so that safety isn’t compromised in order to get the project done on time.

2: Keep your workplace organized
Avoid slip, trip and fall hazards by keeping the construction worksite organized. When working with scaffolding, keeping tools organized can reduce the risk of tools falling from scaffolding. It can also make moving around on the scaffolding safer for workers.

3: Identify Hazards
This should be done before work starts and while work is being done. Identify possible hazards and solutions prior to the start of work. When working near power lines ensure scaffolding are far away to prevent electrocution risks.

4: Proper training
As with all aspects of a construction jobsite, make sure your workers are trained and up to date with OSHA requirements. “Training in the setup and construction of scaffolding can ensure a solid work space for overhead workers and guarantee a rig that will not inadvertently collapse from instability,” according to Kee Safety.

5: Review the site
In addition to identifying hazards, continue to review the worksite throughout the construction project to identify any new hazards that might arise during construction. Keeping an eye out for possible hazards can help eliminate them from happening. As work continues on, workers will become more comfortable on the job. This can cause some to inadvertently (or blatantly) neglect safety.

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  1. Thanks for the tip to keep scaffolding far away from power lines. I feel like that would be common sense but I guess some people don’t look up when setting it all up. It would probably be best to set up some kind of sign on the ground that warns people of the power lines above.

  2. I love your advice to identify the hazards around the scaffolding before you actually get on it. My brother is going to manage a new worksite this month. He needs to make sure he follows your advice so that people are safe on the scaffolding.

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