6 Common Injuries That Can Occur at the Construction Site

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As we all know, construction is one of the most dangerous industries compared to others. On construction sites, workers perform their work using hazardous equipment and operate heavy machinery daily. All these activities are repeatedly done in vulnerable surroundings. Due to several reasons, construction accidents can occur on job sites.

There are six types of injuries that frequently occur on construction sites. The losses and injuries caused by construction site accidents have to be proven by the injured party to be eligible for compensation. Construction accident attorneys will consider all the important factors and your injuries while also helping you process the claim and receive compensation to make a complete recovery.

Here are the six common types of construction injuries:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries occur in workers after being struck by a falling object. In these circumstances, your brain will be damaged suddenly. It is a general construction injury. This kind of injury will affect a person’s life. TBI may cause cognitive issues, permanent brain damage, functional impairment, mobility problems, seizures, personality changes, and other serious illnesses.

Broken Bones

Falls are the major cause of accidents in the construction industry and cause fractures. The treatment for construction injuries may affect your health and mobility. For example, it may cause minor and severe spinal fractures. Spinal fractures may cause paralysis, lifelong pain, and mobility loss.

Punctures, Lacerations, and Cuts

Unsafe use of sharp objects, nails, and tools on the construction site may result in construction injuries. It may range from mild to serious. Lacerations, cuts, and puncture wounds may require surgery, amputation, stitches, or other interventions. It could also cause infections and severe complications. Besides lost income, medical care, and physical therapy, other possible losses and harms may include pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, and household expenses.

Electrocutions and Burns

Construction professionals who perform electrical tasks involving equipment or flammable chemicals are at risk of burn injuries. Third- and fourth-degree burns may need skin grafts, surgery, and other treatments. It may cause complications such as hypothermia, tetanus, shock, infection, and blood loss. Construction injuries may require lifelong medical care, and they also affect the quality of life.

Spinal Cord Injuries

In rare cases, construction workers may get spinal cord injuries, one of the most serious injuries. The compression or damage to the vertebrae and nerves of the spine can cause tingling, numbness, weakness, loss of function, and extreme pain. When the spinal cord is seriously damaged, an individual may have total paralysis, partial paralysis, or a loss of mobility. Generally, victims of spinal cord injuries will need extensive medical treatment, long-term care, and physical therapy. It would also affect their economic condition. Moreover, a seriously injured individual could be able to return to work but may suffer from emotional distress, pain, poor quality of life, and other intangible losses.

Internal Organ Damage

Being crushed between heavy objects can have a devastating impact on the human body. Internal organ damage may cause life-threatening complications. Surgery may be done to stop the bleeding and cure the injury. It may take a few months or a year to recover completely from its impact. In these circumstances, the injured individual cannot work.

Wrapping Up

After being injured in a construction accident, you should act immediately. It is important for your health and also for getting compensation. We hope our article has taught you about the six types of construction site injuries that are likely to cause serious injuries or even death. It is essential to get suggestions from an experienced construction accident lawyer on getting a worker’s compensation claim after an accident.