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Building Security: Why Access Control Needs To Be Integrated With Video Security Cameras

Need a more efficient security strategy in your building? Find out how an integrated video and access control system can improve your building security.

What Is Video Integration?

A video security integration can combine access control systems and video security cameras for a more user-friendly and convenient security management platform.

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The integrated system sends digital messages from your door access control system to a database, then correlates the information with the timestamps from the video feed to provide simultaneous video and door information. This allows you to view both video and access control information on a single display.

Evaluate the efficiency of your building’s security strategy and whether you are maximizing the efficiency of your security processes for quick resolutions in the face of an incident. If you want to know more of the reasons why you should use an integrated video and access control system, keep reading.

Increased Safety

Using an integrated video and access control system enriches building security data for more proactive security measures to enhance safety.

With an integrated video and access control system, you will be able to address incidents of unapproved access. For example, if staff or visitors are using access devices that do not belong to them, or if there are any instances of tailgating, you can address these individuals immediately for airtight security management of your building.

An integrated video and access control system will also allow you to know how many people are in each building area, what they look like, and where they are for evacuation in emergencies.

If you are interested in increasing the safety of your buildings, a mobile enabled cloud-based access control system can provide you with an integrated video and entry point security solution, along with over-the-air software updates to ensure that your infrastructure stays  future-proofed.

A Streamlined Security System

Streamlined video and access control will increase the efficiency of your security operations. Having both systems on a single interface enhances the utility of your system, allowing for the security system to be tailored for your specific needs.

You can use visual verification software alongside your video and access control system to allow approved visitors automatic access. This will verify the identity of access key holders to ensure there has been no misappropriation of access keys. With the video feed available alongside access control information, there would be no need to use different interfaces to verify information, streamlining your security processes for more efficient operations.

Real-Time Management

With an integrated video and access control system, you will be able to respond to events as they occur, rather than having to compile data from different sources, which will mean that you are unable to respond to events as they are happening.

Real-time management is beneficial for security operations within a building, as security concerns are essential to managing access to an unauthorized visitor or unauthorized employee. This way, you can block access immediately for a tighter security process.

Easier Data Management

An integrated video and access control system will allow your security to address an incident more quickly, with more information for an investigation.

If an incident occurs, your security operator will be able to pull the live video feed from each use of the access control door and determine if there was any misuse or misappropriation of security access.

Without the live video feed alongside the access control door information, this process would take much longer, and the issue would not be resolved promptly.

Integration Of More Devices

If you have an integrated video and access control system, you can add more devices to this system to optimize your building security completely. Some features you might want to consider are:

  • Visual verification software – This way, you can set up automatic access or automatic blocking of access based on specific employees or visitors. You will also be aware of any attempt to access the building, particularly when you have a person banned from entry.
  • Asset Tracking – If high-value items are present around your building, you will be able to keep track of the item via asset tracking. You can also be provided with a notification when computers or other expensive pieces of equipment are removed from a building.
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) – Automated license plate reading can help raise critical alerts that help identify a vehicle of interest as they pull into your building’s car park. In the case of a crime, it can assist with tracking a vehicle’s specific location using street cameras. It will also provide you with notifications should a specific license plate enter the building’s car park.

Video and Access Control Are Vital

It is easy to see why an integrated video and access control system would benefit building security. With the video feed on a separate interface to access control information, your security processes can be delayed and slowed in operation.

For buildings and companies needing tight security measures, video and access control integration is vital for instant reactions to security breaches.



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