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The construction industry involves various threats to the workers, causing minor to fatal accidents that can lead to death.

According to the BLS Census of 2020, 976 deaths were reported at construction and extraction sites. These deaths can occur due to working at heights, not taking enough safety measures, using old machinery and equipment units, etc.

With the numbers drastically increasing each year, it has become mandatory for all construction workers to complete a construction safety certification. Through the knowledge acquired through these certificates, one can ensure appropriate safety measures at construction sites.

Benefits Of Construction Safety Certificate

ILO or International Labor Organization has estimated 60000 deaths every 10 mins in the global construction industry (2013). Unless and until proper steps are taken, the number will only increase in the coming years.

Owing to this, many states have made safety certifications mandatory for construction workers. Here are some benefits of adequate certifications:

  1. According to the CDC, 2.4 million workers had to rush to emergencies due to workplace accidents. If proper safety training is provided, a company can reduce these additional expenses.
  2. Safety certifications can enhance satisfaction amongst construction workers.
  3. A construction worker can have more leverage in finding a dream job with a safety certification.

12 Important Construction Safety Certificate

We’ve curated some of the best safety certifications you can enroll in to improve your credibility in the building and construction industry.

Construction Site Safety By George Brown College

This certification is meant for first-line supervisors in the construction industry. According to the Canadian Construction Association, this course has earned the Gold Seal accreditation, making it one of the most sought-after certifications in the construction industry. It is a 30-hour online course.


Asbestos Awareness Training

This certification is crucial for construction workers dealing with asbestos for a prolonged time. It is segregated into two parts- the main course will be for 3 hours while the distance learning will continue for another 3 hours.

Workers working with asbestos, directly or indirectly, can apply for this training program. The course will cover harmful asbestos items, Asbestos Control, Asbestos abatement operations, and more.

Construction Hazard Awareness Training

With the construction hazard awareness training course, students aspiring to grow their careers in the construction industry can learn more about on-site hazards. It’s an awareness program that will teach the participants about elements that pose a risk to the workers.

The training involves safely working in situations involving combustible products, wobbling ladders or cranes, uneven surfaces, etc. The legal concerns in the construction field are also covered in the course.

Health, Safety & the Law for H&S Reps and Supervisors

Any health and safety supervisor concerned with the construction industry can opt for this certification program.

Here, the importance and objectives of the Occupational Health & Safety Act will be discussed.

Apart from this, medical reps will be trained to identify the hazards, use RACE techniques to mitigate these risks, improve workplace safety, and more.

Supervisor in Construction

With a course duration of 8 hours, this certification program is meant for all supervisors employed in various construction domains.

Discussions will take place on topics like understanding the penalties one can suffer for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the end-to-end duty of all workers concerned with the construction project, etc. A quick review of the construction regulations will also be conducted.

Train The Trainer – Crane & Rigging Safety Training Program

With this certification program, construction workers will be trained about different types of cranes used, their functions, the right approach to maneuvering the same, etc.

Furthermore, participants will be able to know more about the risks a crane can pose and the ways of mitigating them. The program will continue for three days with a maximum of 4 participants.

Material Handling, Storage, Use, & Disposal for Construction

With this certification program, people will know more about different construction materials and how to handle them on-site.

Apart from this, participants will be taught about the regulations implemented for storing the materials in different groups, like combustible and non-combustible products. It also concerns the appropriate disposal of construction debris without harming the environment.

Scaffolds for Construction

After completing this construction safety certification, one will be able to distinguish between different types of scaffolding and when they will be used. They will also learn about the scaffolds’ loading and dismantling.

Struck-By Hazards in Construction

This certification will focus on elements that can cause hazards at the construction sites. It will include studies about ladders and cranes, stuck-by-hazards types that one can face at the construction site, measurements an employer needs to undertake to protect the employees’ interests, etc. It will also describe the risks and fatality of different types of hazards.

Construction Health and Safety – Basic

The program content will focus on basic studies about construction risks and safety hazards. It will revolve around the legality of the construction operations, access equipment units and electrical safety measures, the proper way of handling manual materials, and more. Anyone wishing to comply with the Agreement for Construction Sector Labor Mobility can apply for this certification.

National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO™)

With this construction certification, a candidate can learn about the national requirements and compliances one has to fulfill to become a construction officer.

The major highlights of this construction certification are defensive driving general, safety maintenance criteria, COR Essentials, and more.

Gold Seal Certification Program

Regulated by the Canadian Construction Association, this is one of the most comprehensive certifications a professional can do. It will focus on developing the existing construction skills while teaching the participants about different project requirements, risks assessed, etc.


Everyone must pay attention so that appropriate measures can be taken during construction works.

This is one of the best ways of mitigating workplace risks, be it from long-height work demands or heavy-duty equipment movements. Since there are various types of certifications available, one has to go through the detailed course plans and understand whether the certificates match the requirements.