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Working on a construction site can pose a lot of dangers if you’re not careful. One of the most affordable and doable ways you can stay safe on the job is by using a Ground Protection Mat. Not only do they create temporary access pathways but also protect your equipment. You won’t have to worry about injuring yourself or recovering your machinery from a sinkhole in the ground. Even better, some heavy-duty mats are super eco-friendly. Overall, Ground Protection Mats keep you, your tools and the environment safe at all times.

 Stay Safe At A Construction Site

In the construction industry, these Ground Protection Mats are a must-have. They prevent severe accidents from happening. Unfortunately, most deaths at a construction site are caused by fatal falls. In 2021,  hundreds of construction workers reportedly died from a falling incident on the job. These deaths could’ve been prevented if the workers just followed proper safety guidelines.

Fortunately, the OSHA has safety guidelines for construction workers to use to stay safe on the job. One of the biggest safety regulations contractors should practice is the Fall Prevention. A worker should always be aware of all fall hazards in a work area, no matter how small. While this regulation applies to situations where workers fall from an elevated position, working on the ground can be just as dangerous. A Ground Protection Mat’s design creates a stable and secure pathway for workers to traverse along. They won’t have to worry about falling, even at ground level.

What Are Ground Protection Mats?

            In a nutshell, a Ground Protection Mat serves as a first-line of defense against all potentially harmful forces. Given their tough polyethene construction, these mats were made to handle almost any job. Hence the reason why some truckers and workers call them “HDPE Ground Protection Mats.”

They’ve even been used across several different industries, including tree logging, outdoor events and on a construction site. Basically, Ground Protection Mats are very versatile and can be used in just about any job setting.

How Can Ground Protection Mats Promote Safety On A Job?

Given their high-density fabrication, they offer an unmatched level of safety that you won’t find using plywood. Here are just some of the ways Ground Protection Mat keep you safe:

  • Surface Stabilization: To demonstrate, they’re interlocking design provides a stable and secure walkway for construction workers to transport their supplies over uneven ground.
  • Pedestrian Safety: Even pedestrians that work in the area can stay safe by having a safe walkway. These mats have a built-in anti-slip mechanism that’ll keep your worksite accident-free. It’s no wonder they’re often described as being “Ground Protection Mats for heavy equipment.”
  • Vehicle Movement: Besides keeping you walking upright, Ground Protection Mats also protect your machinery. Your construction vehicles can travel easily back and forth over the ground guards, without getting stuck in a rut or breaking down from too much dirt buildup.
  • Load Distribution: They evenly distribute the weight of your construction vehicles and equipment over the ground. This feature prevents your materials from sinking below ground and getting destroyed in the process. It’s no wonder Ground Protections Mats have become so popular in the construction industry.

 Which Mat Is Right For Me?

With so many different types of mats on the market, it can be difficult knowing which one will be the most effective for your job. There’s a couple of factors to consider when making the right decision:

  • Terrain: Understanding the type of terrain you’re working on will help you find the right mat for the job. While some mats were specifically made to protect and conform to fragile soil, others were designed to shield concrete.
  • Materials: In relation to terrain, you should also factor in the construction of the Ground Protection Mat you plan to use.

Take the Heavy Equipment Surface Protection Mats for instance. These HDPE mats are often used to shield the ground from damage caused by heavy machinery in extreme working environments. Moreover, they help to evenly distribute the weight of your equipment over the ground to prevent it from sinking. Specifically, this category of track mats includes Crane Pads, Rig Mats, Steel Mats, Timber and Composite Mats.

Other materials found in Ground Protection Mats include recycled tire rubber and bamboo. These usually fall under the umbrella of Temporary Roadway Mats, which typically establish an access pathway over fragile soil. Also, they’re suitable for heavy pedestrian traffic. These mats include Emtek, Access and Lawn Protection Mats.

On the other hand, Erosion Control Mats focus solely on protecting lawns. Made of either coconut fiber, straw or jute matting, these mats help to manage soil erosion and sediment runoff.

Likewise, your standard Ground Cover Mat will shield your lawn from harmful UV Sun rays. Additionally, it’ll protect your grass from extreme weather conditions and moisture buildup.

While some Ground Protection Mats do come with an eco-friendly-tag, the majority of them do not. Unfortunately, the materials and chemicals manufacturers use to produce these mats pose a major threat to the environment. They cause a slew of problems such as soil compaction and even kill the grass.

  • Load Capacity: The third factor to consider to help you make a decision is a mat’s load capacity. The four different load capacities that you should know by heart are Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Ultra-Heavy Duty Mats. How much weight they can withstand will determine what job they’ll be most effective at. For instance, Ultra-Heavy Duty Mats can support extremely heavy loads that exceed over 100,000 PSF. They’re normally found on military bases.

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right surface protection mat.

Avoid Making These Mistakes On The Job

            Ground Protection Mats can make your job safer. However, these mats are only effective if you know how to use them properly. You’d be surprised how many mistakes workers and truckers make using these HDPE mats.

It could be everything from improper installation, not properly covering your work area, refusing to inspect your mats for damage, to ignoring the manufacturer instructions. Failing to properly install your industrial ground protect mat has major consequences, such as shifty mats and creating ruts in the ground. You could even risk losing your machinery in a sinkhole.

Similarly, doing away with the instructions could cause issues like improperly installing your mats or using them for the wrong job. In a worst case scenario, you could put yourself in harm’s way without even realizing it.  In other words, follow the directions and save yourself the headache.

The Future Of Ground Protection Mats

            When it comes to making the world a better place, Ground Protection Mats meet those needs. In fact, more companies are leaning towards producing more sustainable surface protection mats to help better protect Mother Nature.

Manufacturers in particular have adopted new methods that reduce the energy consumption, waste and greenhouse gas emissions used during production of these mats. Moreover, this process has led to renewable materials like recycled parts and bamboo being used to make Ground Protection Mats.

Additionally, companies are working to produce more biograde mats that can be broken down over time naturally without damaging the environment. The research behind these mats continues to develop, leading to the use of more sustainable materials for Ground Protection Mats.


            On the whole, using HDPE Ground Protection Mats are your best bet at staying safe on the job. For a construction worker, utilizing a Ground Protection Mat will prevent you from having a severe accident. Equally important, a contractor or trucker must choose the right mat for the job. At the end of the day, job safety is a top priority at a construction site.

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