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People usually avoid being around construction sites because of the safety risks that come with the place, and rightfully so. As such, there are precautions which are strictly adhered to in order to prevent cases of accidents and injuries either on workers or secondary parties. Below are top 5 safety risks that are associated with construction sites.

Work at Height

Major work at height, on roofs and buildings under construction, can be extremely hazardous if not carefully planned. Roofs and floors under construction add the risk of falls through the structure, along with the obvious risk of falls from the roof edge. Scaffolds need to be correctly installed by a trained a competent team and formally inspected every 7 days. Investing in effective roof anchor points is also highly advisable, as it provides an additional layer of safety and security.

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Falling / Moving Objects

Carefully planning lifting operations, exclusion zones below overhead work, ensuring communication between the various trades on site and always wearing appropriate PPE on site will help to protect you from falling and moving objects.


Before starting work, identify the location electrical services, and make sure electrical work is only undertaken by a qualified and competent electrician. When working near to electrical wiring or equipment, the electrical supply should be turned off. Overhead power cables should also be identified and precautions such as barriers, height restrictions of plant, isolation or re-routing taken as required.


The risk of a collapse is at its greatest during demolition works or when a building or structure is partially completed, such as incomplete access equipment i.e. scaffolding. Any building demolition work, no matter how small, should be carefully planned by a competent person, in a logical sequence, with any necessary temporary supports put in place to ensure that and unplanned collapse of the structure does not occur.

Handling Loads

Regardless of what part of the construction process you are involved with, if you are building something or knocking it down, you need to move materials and equipment to get the job done. Be sure to eliminate manual handling where possible and use mechanical means instead, particularly with heavy and bulky loads.


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