Why Hire Construction Site Security?

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Construction site security needs are often overlooked.  Yet, think about it; construction sites are full of expensive tools, materials, and equipment, making them a hot target for theft.  Vandalism and other crimes, like trespassing can also be problematic.  Not to mention, if an unauthorized person should become injured, liability issues abound.  Thus, you can’t afford to leave your construction site unprotected period, but even more so during weekend or nighttime hours when no one is present.

Simply put, hiring security guards to monitor your job site will be an important means of preventing criminal activity and addressing any incidents that should occur.  Guards may even save you money by identifying potentially hazardous issues, like a small fire that could quickly get out of control.  By identifying these types of issues early, the guard(s) can act quickly to mitigate the situation and subsequently prevent extensive and costly damage.  Guards can fully monitor and patrol your job site during the after hours, keeping unwanted visitors out and your investment safe.  In the long run, this investment pays for itself by preventing your site from becoming the next target of damaging and expensive criminal activity.  Consider these important reasons to invest in construction site security for your own peace of mind.

A Security Presence Makes a Statement

The three most common construction site crimes are typically theft, trespassing, and/or vandalism.  An empty, dark job site often proves too tempting for criminals to pass by.  Whether it is high dollar equipment parked on site, materials, or unsecured tools, thieves will be attracted to your job site if left unguarded.  The same goes for vandals as dark empty areas can be fun to spray paint and destroy.  It is even possible that someone could accidentally trespass if the location is not secured properly, leading to the potential for injuries and a subsequent lawsuit.

Despite these vulnerabilities, there is a simple solution: security guards.  These specially trained men and women can be a visual deterrent for anyone tempted to perpetuate a criminal act.  Security guards will be constantly aware of what is going on at the site.  Thus, it will be difficult for criminals to sneak in, take items, or vandalize the property.  Criminals will be less likely to attempt breaching your job site if they know they will likely be caught and apprehended by your security team.

Monitor Points of Entry

In the hustle and bustle of the job, it can be difficult to know who belongs and who doesn’t.  Most large jobs require the assistance of a variety of subcontractors.  Thus, unauthorized persons could easily slip in undetected.  This is problematic because it may lead to being robbed in broad daylight. Limiting points of entry/exit to one or two areas can help ensure only those who belong are allowed inside.

Security guards can assist in the process by standing guard at these entry/exit points and screening each person prior to their entry.  They can ask to see documentation/ID, as well as keeping track of who came in and out at what time.  These detailed logs can help ensure any criminal activity that does occur can be easily be investigated due to a narrow list of suspects, obtained from the log, allowing for the perpetrator to be quickly identified.  Guards ensure that only those who belong gain access to the site, further preventing criminal activity from taking place.

Patrol the Grounds

Construction sites, especially those that are commercial tend to be extremely large areas of space.  As such, it is nearly impossible to keep eyes on every square inch of the property, at all times.  Even with extensive camera footage, there will always be some blind spots.

Security guards are the perfect solution as they can complete regular, yet random vehicle and foot patrols of the entire site. The randomness of the patrols prevents criminals from merely outsmarting security.  Instead, regular or guaranteed patrols at random ensure that criminals are well-aware that patrols occur, without ever being able to catch onto a schedule.  This helps further deter criminal activity as the chances of being caught increase exponentially.

This helps provide both peace of mind and full protection from criminal activity or hazardous situations at your construction site.  Guards can work together to fully patrol the area in a small amount of time.  They are also experts at communication, quickly contacting the authorities and other guards to address fires, hazards, or criminal activity before any real damage is done.

Prevent Issues of Liability

In today’s day in age, liability is an often-feared issue.  Even when businesses are seemingly not at fault, they are often hit with personal injury lawsuits and other associated issues of liability.  The same is true of construction sites.  Should an employee or even a trespasser become injured on the job site, there is a risk of liability to the owner of the construction business.  This can lead to costly attorney fees and settlement costs.

Prevent unauthorized persons from ever making it onto the property and help ensure employees are acting in a responsible manner at all times.  Many times, the types of accidents that lead to liability issues are fully preventable.  Security guards can monitor personnel, address risky behaviors and stop them before they end up costing your company money.  You may even receive a discounted rate on your liability policy simply because of the regular presence of guards at your construction site.

Time Is Money

Construction is a lucrative business, providing you meet your deadlines.  Failing to do so results in paying employees for extra hours that you did not bid in, when completing the estimate for the job.  This can severely minimize your profit margin.

Once again, security guards can help you complete your job on time and meet every deadline.  Not only are guards able to prevent security incidents before they occur, but they also take the stress away from you.  You can have the peace of mind to focus on the job at hand instead of dealing with pesky security issues, expensive repairs due to vandalism, and delays caused by missing tools and/or materials.  In the end, the investment in trained security guards is well-worth the return of reduced stress, and lessened labor/repair costs that would otherwise be accrued due to criminal activity.

No matter how large or how small, every construction site can benefit from a security presence.  Give your employees a sense of safety so they can focus on completing the job correctly and efficiently instead of sweating the small stuff.  Save money and reduce frustration with an investment in construction site security guards.  With so many great benefits, what do you have to lose?