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The African continent is undergoing a digital transformation, and its industrial sector is no exception. In recent years, the adoption of technology and innovation in the African industrial sector has grown at a rapid pace.

One of the fundamental driving forces behind this transformation is the integration of industrial platforms that offer a range of solutions to optimize operations and streamline processes.

Key Features Of Integrated Industrial Platforms

Integrated platforms typically offer the following features:

  • Infrastructure:

High-quality infrastructure, including roads, electricity, water, and communication systems, supports the functioning of the industrial units.

  • Access to raw materials:

Proximity to sources of raw materials and resources to reduce production costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

  • Skilled workforce:

Access to a pool of skilled labor, including specialized technical personnel, to support production activities.

  • Support services:

Access various support services, such as logistics, banking, and insurance, to streamline business operations.

  • Environmental management:

Implementation of sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices to minimize negative impacts on the surrounding environment.

  • Government incentives:

Availability of government incentives, such as tax holidays, subsidies, and custom exemptions, to promote investment and encourage economic growth.

  • Technology and innovation:

Encouragement of technology and innovation through the availability of research and development facilities and support for start-ups.

  • Access to markets:

Proximity to markets and access to transportation networks to facilitate the distribution of products and services.

  • Cluster development:

Development of industrial clusters to encourage the growth of complementary industries and foster innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Top Integrated Industrial Platforms in Africa

Some of Africa’s top integrated industrial parks include the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) and the Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ) in Benin. These parks have been designed to provide businesses with a supportive and competitive environment that helps them optimize their operations and thrive in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Other notable integrated industrial parks in Africa include the Adétikopé Industrial Development Zone (PIA) in Togo.

These industrial parks attract investment worldwide and help drive economic growth and development in Africa.

GSEZ Nkok:

The Nkok Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a multi-faceted industrial park located just 27 km from the city of Libreville, Gabon. Launched in 2010, this 1126-hectare park encompasses industrial, commercial, and residential areas. It is one of Africa’s top integrated industrial parks

It is home to 144 companies from 16 countries operating in 22 different industrial sectors.

One of the standout features of the SEZ is the wood processing cluster, which brings together 84 companies and showcases the park’s commitment to fostering growth and development in key industries.

With its high-quality infrastructure, skilled workforce, and support services, the Nkok SEZ is a prime destination for businesses or companies looking to establish a presence in Gabon.

GSEZ Ikolo:

The Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) Ikolo ZIS is a joint venture between the GSEZ and the government of Gabon. Initiated in June 2021, this zone encompasses a 318-hectare developed area and a 522-hectare green space that is preserved.

It offers a range of infrastructural, industrial, and residential spaces, along with multiple quays.

The Ikolo SEZ benefits from its strategic location, which is easily accessible by both land and river and close to the region’s forests and neighboring provinces.

Presently, Greenply, Kengi Timber Manufacturing, Acewood, and Gabon Sustainable Wood are some of the key operational units in the zone, and the SEZ is expected to create 750 jobs by the end of 2022.

Additionally, the zone is poised to export between 150 and 200 containers of processed wood per month, adding value to Gabon’s economy.

With its single window clearance system, national and international investors can easily set up businesses, making the Ikolo SEZ a prime destination for companies looking to take advantage of the opportunities available in Gabon’s growing industrial sector.

GSEZ Mpassa Lebombi:

The Mpassa Lebombi Special Investment Zone is a specialized industrial zone created in May 2022.  It covers a total area of 1432.5 hectares. The zone includes a cluster dedicated to wood processing and eucalyptus plantations, making it a hub for the forestry and wood products industries.

By mid-2023, the Mpassa Lebombi SEZ is expected to provide around 850 direct and hundreds of indirect jobs through various service providers operating in and around the area.

Jaguar Wood Products is one of the key operational units in the zone, specializing in saw-mill production. This industrial park is poised to significantly impact the local and national economy, providing employment opportunities and driving growth in the wood processing and forestry industries.