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Top Architectural firms in Tanzania

Tanzania’s architecture is built to celebrate nature and everyday life. Traditional building in major cities of Tanzania was linked to the country’s Swahili heritage, which was a story told in the designs of many buildings.

However, as much as tradition is vital for the people of Tanzania, development and keeping up with the changing trends in architecture is considered equally important.  The architectural firms have equally embraced a mixture of traditional Swahili designs and modern architecture to come up with a structure the locals can appreciate without feeling like they are losing their identity to modernization.

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The following are the top architecture firms in Tanzania

Hab Consult Ltd

Hab Consult Ltd is a local Consultancy firm that has been carrying out Architectural Consultancy Services in Tanzania for more than 30 years. The firm is managed by local professionals but occasionally seeks the support of international partners to come up with a solution on some of the projects whose designs need brainstorming so that the best solutions can be found, especially if the client’s demands are complex.

The firm is capable of undertaking projects from feasibility studies to the construction stage and is capable of producing high quality presentation and working drawings using the latest software.

Some of the remarkable projects the company has embarked on include;

  • PSPF Plaza, Dodoma,
  • Mloganzila Teaching Hospital, Kibaha
  • LAPF Headquarters, Dodoma
  • Benjamin Mkapa Ultramodern Hospital, Dodoma
  • Golden Jubilee Towers
  • Mbweni Apartments, Zanzibar
  • Mapinduzi Monument Zanzibar
  • NSSF Building, Mwanza
  • ZSSF Office Pemba
  • Tanzania Judiciary, High Court Mara
Epitome Architects

Epitome Architects is an architectural firm based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and has a team of 28 professionals made up of architects, landscapers, project managers, interior designers, and engineers who work together to come up with appealing designs for different environments.

The company’s focus is not just about designing appealing buildings, but when put in charge of the development, the focus is building within the stipulated time and budget. They provide service tailored specifically to the individual needs of each client.

The firm also firm offers a design approach and philosophy that assist clients in formulating of an environmentally responsive brief and solutions, resulting in sound buildings of aesthetic qualities that maximize the site potential, and operate at the frontiers of new technology to suit individual needs

Epitome’s trending projects they have undertaken include; Wakulima House, CCBRT Bank of Tanzania in Mwanza, NSSF Headquarters, Mkwawa University, Residential house in South Beach, International Labor Organization (ILO) Office, Akwa Ibam, Hombolo Apartments among others.

IPA Architects and Designers

IPA Architects is a London based architecture firm that has a branch in Tanzania. The Tanzania portion of the business was established in 1993 in Dar es Salaam. It started as a small satellite office that has since grown with major projects in Tanzania and the great East Africa region.

The company’s remarkable achievements has been brought about by having both local and international architects who oversee their projects. It has ten principal architects with additional support staff.

IPA Architects has been involved in the design of residential, commercial, public, education, and leisure facilities. Their outstanding projects include;

  • The Canadian High Commissioner’s Residence
  • State House Annex
  • Karimjee Apartments
  • Exim Tower
  • NMB Bank Headquarters
  • DT Dobie Phase I and II
  • Services Apartments at Protea Hotel Dar es Salaam
  • Vamizi Lodge
  • Volkswagen Showroom
K & M Archplans (T) Ltd

K & M Archplans (T) Ltd was established in 1978 by two partners but became a limited liability company in 1996. The firm was founded in Nairobi, Kenya, but has since widened its consultancy services in the United Republic of Tanzania and established an office in Dar es Salaam in the capital city

The company’s focus is in town planning and the best designs to suit the environment in which the building will be situated. Besides providing architectural design, they offer interior designing and construction management services.

Some of the projects under this company’s portfolio includes; The Tanzania Parliament, Mwanza Market, Kilimanjaro Towers, Tanzania Ports Authority, East African Community Headquarters, etc.

QD Consult (T) Ltd

QD Consult (T) Ltd is among the leading architectural firms in Tanzania founded in 2006. It is a privately managed firm registered with the board of Architects and Quantity Surveyors.

The firm is fully owned by Tanzanian professionals, who provide services in design, preliminary planning, building rehabilitation, project management, building designs and construction supervision.

Some of the projects achieved by the company includes;

  • Mvumi Mission Nursing Training College
  • New Bus Stand in Korogwe Town Council
  • Modern Market in Korogwe Town Council
  • Commercial Building for Howarth Consultants
  • Residential Apartments, Lubaga
  • Luxury Apartments, Block F, Msasani Village Area
  • Uhuru Media Office Block in Mwananyamala Area
  • Executive Hostel at Bank of Tanzania, Mwanza

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