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Top construction companies in Ethiopia

The construction sector in Ethiopia is certainly booming following the huge public investment contributing to  9.5% of the country’s GDP. A number of privately owned construction companies have also emerged as a result.

The following list summarizes the top construction companies in Ethiopia, which are involved directly in construction and engineering and usually offer multi-disciplinary services

Sur Construction
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Since the establishment of the company back in 1992 under EFFORT Investment Center, SUR Construction is the largest and leading local construction company in Ethiopia which has been massively involved in the construction of all kinds of Civil Engineering Construction works comprising all types of Roads, Universities, Commercial and Social buildings, Industrial buildings, Sport Centers, Air ports, Hydro power, Irrigation and Dam Projects.

In the last two decades, the company has successfully managed the construction of over 100 different projects consisting of 41 Road projects including the longest river bridge in Ethiopia, 50 multi-purpose building projects, 3 Hydropower projects, 2 Air Ports, 2 Dam projects and 1 Irrigation project.

Extending its construction services in Ethiopia, SUR Construction is not only the first local construction company undertaking Hydropower projects in a Joint Venture with world renowned construction companies but also has entered a new era of construction undertaking the 154m high Rock fill Asphalt Core Dam project which is listed as one of the highest asphalt core dams in the world.

The key success of the company is purely based on its committed and skilled 10,000 workforce comprising over 200 Engineers, 2,000 permanent employees and about 8,000 project employees blended with its over 1,500 construction equipment and machinery, having an annual turnover of US $117m

MIDROC Ethiopia Construction

MIDROC Ethiopia Construction represents one of the largest construction companies in Ethiopia based in Addis Ababa established in 1993 with annual turnover of US $182m.

Since its inception, the company has been engaged in a wide range of construction activities, including the construction of Sheraton Addis Hotel, African Union Conference Hall & Office Complex, Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Terminal and others projects in real estate, transport, and education sectors.

Sunshine Construction

Sunshine Construction Plc was founded in 1984, as a sole proprietorship and later in 1993 transformed into a private limited company. In the early years of its establishment, the company had started to engage itself in minor construction and water proofing works with less than ten employees.

Currently the company has grown to build a reliable capacity and exhibit practical excellence in the construction sector developing residential, leisure, and commercial properties in Ethiopia and the Middle East

Sunshine Construction has involved itself in a number of remarkable projects including construction of Yabell- Teltele RR-50 road, construction of a number of residential and apartments and is currently constructing 60km Ankober-Dulecha Asphalt Road ,70km Dogolo Kelela Road and 40,Morich Dimitu Road.

The company has over 3000 employees and the 34 years milestone career of the company enabled it to build a reliable capacity and exhibit practical excellence in the construction sector having annual revenues of more than US $100m.

Saba Engineering Plc

Saba Engineering Plc is multidisciplinary consulting and contracting firm established in early 1992 with its headquarters located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company has proved capability to provide test borings and water well drilling, laboratory testing, road & bridge design, surveying, construction supervision and contract administration, materials testing, solid waste management, civil and electro-mechanical works construction, Concrete pole production and Quality Assurance and Management Services

Being present in the construction sector in Ethiopia for about two decades, Saba Engineering is now participating in huge projects inside the country and the company also works in the neighboring countries such as Kenya and South Sudan.

Saba Engineering offers multi-disciplinary engineering services and is mainly known for its water drilling services as well as its involvement in huge public projects, such as the construction of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam.

Rama Construction Private Ltd Company

Rama Construction Private Limited Company was established in 1995 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and registered under Ethiopian law. Since its establishment the Company has successfully accomplished different construction works estimated at hundreds of millions dollars.

The company which aims to be a world class construction company has a high level of ethical, reliability to carry out quality services to customers is uniquely known for eliminating any type of hazard by 75%, to 95%, which can pose health effect to workers by undertaking appropriate measures and maintaining engineering control measures in order to reduce risks from machinery in appropriate places where engineering control is practicable.

Since its Foundation the company has executed a number of projects. , most of which have helped the company   to build trust with clients and develop an extensive experience in construction management, construction technology, and construction performance. The company has built High rising building, asphalt road, many big factories, dam and power.

Currently, Rama Construction is undertaking a number of construction activities in different parts of the country including executing construction works of building, factories, road and water works with local and international clients such; build and designing of  Turmi – Omo Road project located in Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State,Ethiopia among others.







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