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Dewatering pump market is on a constant rise with the increasing need in the construction and mining sectors. To stay in the market, manufactures have to be up to date with trends and technologies while updating their market constantly. Below are some of the top 10 dewatering pump manufacturers.


A Warren Rupp, Inc. brand, has held a leading position in the air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump market with the broadest range of pump sizes, types and models that meet the need in a vast array of applications. SANDPIPER products are sold worldwide through a network of independent, factory-authorized distributors.

  1. AllightSykes

AllightSykes is an Australian dewatering pump manufacturer involved in many large operations such as, Glencore Mines MUMI and KCC in the Katanga Province DRC and FQML and Barric Lumwana Mine operations in the Zambian Copper belt to name just two. At present, there’s seven XH200 pumps on-site all powered by C27 CAT engines. There are also two SS24K-12 light towers all supplied by AllightSykes Africa.

  1. Putzmeister

Having been actively involved with the backfill application and alternative fuel projects, Putzmeister has been around the world of construction and mining since 1958. They manufacture Innovative technologies that are constantly updated as per the latest research and development, and market requirements without the expense of quality.

  1. Finnish Thompson

Finnish Thompson Company has serviced their dewatering pump products to companies in South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt. Their FTI Air AODD (Air operated double diaphragm pumps) can be used in Water Evacuation, Mine Face Dewatering and Drift Dewatering. Their pump lightweight plastic center section allows for better portability and according to them factors such as Cost, weight, portability, solids handling, run dry should be considered whenever one is buying a dewatering pump.

  1. Ebara

Ebara has managed to supply their dewatering pumps in Africa and beyond. In order to select the right pump for their specific needs all relevant information must be supplied. For example: What are you pumping, what is the head, what is the temperature, where is the site, what flow is needed, etc. Their dewatering firms are best used to help with the displacement of water to clear areas for use.

  1. Grundfos

According to Grundfos, dewatering pump market is a huge focus market in all parts of Africa, being used in the Mining, Industrial, Construction, Water Utilities and domestic markets respectively. They have done large mining project in the DRC, where they have supplied dewatering pumps, control and monitoring systems together with a full range of accessories. The future of the pumping market in Grundfos focuses mostly in digitization. Digitization such as smart controls and monitoring systems help to ensure optimal performance and energy savings for dewatering pumping systems.

  1. Wilo

Although Wilo has been a global presence within the water industry since 1872, they are only just beginning to explore the potential of the dewatering market. The submersible drainage pumps “TSW”, “KS” of the family “EMU”, “EMU Rexa” and “EMU FA” has been running successfully for decades in the Wilo portfolio. On the High flow units like the Wilo SCP, Verticle Turbine and the Zetos are leading. With the biggest Split-Case Pump range in the world, the Vertical Turbine range is a very versatile range that can be engineered to suit the customers design. Duty parameters of up to 50 000m3/h and heads of up to 450m.

  1. Grindex

The pumping manufacturer was found in 1940 with a presence of more than 100 countries up to date. Grindex are leading in the electrical submersible pump technology for demanding applications such as construction, mining and heavy industry. Their dewatering drainage pumps are heavy duty industrial strength, but still light and highly portable. They have a unique valve that enables air cooling of the motor thus can run dry without any problem.

  1. Imbil

Imbil is considered to be one of the world leaders in offering high reliable fluid handling solutions for construction Services, Irrigation and Industrial applications. Imbil S.A has supplied several pump packages in Africa. They were recently awarded with a large supply of pump sets to Zimbabwe, Senegal, Congo and Nigeria. They are also actively participating in other projects in Africa. They consider, Research and Development (R & D) sectors are crucial for the evolution of a company and market

  1. Gemmi cotti

Gemni cotti, the Italian company with 30 years of experience in the pumping industry has been involved with large projects in Africa for the some years. From their customers’ requests they can identify two main trends not only in dewatering pump market, but in the pump market in general. First of all they require an always more larger customization of the products, in line with the different applications. This customization can concern every aspect of the pump, from the design to the material, and it is also linked to the second main trend that they can identify: a constant searching for certificated quality.

In regards to the new technologies, they believe that the next challenge for pump manufacturers will be the Industry 4.0 and the automation solutions, in order to simplify and speed up the production keeping the highest efficiency.

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