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Top electrical contractors in South Africa

South Africa is known to be the home Africa’s biggest IPPs market, which is envisioned to contribute 30% of the county’s future generation capacity. The electrification rate in South Africa is comparatively very high for the region, standing between 85 and 90%. This can be proudly said to have been contributed by the top electrical contractors in South Africa who work hand in hand with the government to ensure stability in the country.

The following are the top electrical contractors in South Africa

Centrelec cc Electrical Contractors 

Centrelec cc Electrical Contractors was established in 1993 and has since then grown and became the largest national electrical maintenance and contracting company in South Africa with over 2 500 retail stores on contract.

Centrelec are proud electrical contractors who specialized in various fields of the electrical industry from new developments, Shop installations, Emergency calls etc as well as other areas of the electrical industry such as thermal scanning and load analysis and repairs of such defects. Their services include; banner03Lighting maintenance, electrical maintenance, electrical installations and design, energy efficiency, Infra Red Reporting, Supply of product and lamps.

The company’s years of experience has made them involve in many small and large installation from domestic repairs to large A Grade Housing as well as Retail installations on a National Scale.

AGE Technology

AGE Technologies is an electrical engineering company which caters to both the domestic and international market with a full range of quality products.

AGE Technologies prides itself as one of the top electrical contractors in South Africa due to their on-time delivery trend, qualified and dedicated employees, high class technology, as well as overall superior quality.

The products supplied by AGE Technologies  undergo rigorous tests at all production levels and that these products were also manufactured as per established quality norms. Only cutting edge technology is used while incorporating only the latest and most innovative features to deliver quality services to customers. This makes the products appreciated worldwide for their quality, durability, and efficiency.

Phuzamanzi Electrical 

Phuzamanzi Industrial Maintenance Projects CC, trading as Phuzamanzi Electrical, is an electrical services contracting company that provides a myriad of services suited specifically to customers’ short term and long term objectives.

The company’s specialization is within industrial and commercial electrical infrastructure and reticulation systems. Phuzamanzi is a certified TLB Operator and offer various services including; Trenching of cables, trenching for water pipes, closing of open trenches general construction and many other electrical, plumbing and Civil needs.

Phuzamanzi Electrical have the expertise and resources to execute maintenance projects within the overhead line environment by planting new poles, mounting overhead transformers and recloses, and stringing the conductors and changing the different insulators, among others.

MLE Electrical contractors

MLE Electrical contractors is a leading electrical contractors in the construction of new industrial, commercial and housing projects established in 1997.

Their core market include; Townhouses, Apartment Complexes, Vehicle Show Rooms, Retirement Villages including full Service Centers and Frail Care Facilities, Offices, Warehouses, Hotels, Schools, Shopping Centers and Churches, to mention but a few.

MLE benchmark high quality standards and align their operations to SANS 10142 and SABS quality criteria. The company has a staff that includes highly qualified and experienced electricians, technicians and installers who supplement their work force with the use of contract labour as projects may require it.

To highly put regards on site Health & Safety, MLE has therefore employed two
dedicated, qualified Health & Safety Officers who oversee all safety aspects on site and ensure that the company comply with all H & S requirements at all times.

Adenco Construction

Adenco Construction is one of the largest privately owned Electrical Engineers and Contracting companies in South Africa with a CIDB 9EP Grading.

Since its establishment in 1993 by founding members Bes Bezuidenhout & Danie Jackson the company grew from strength to strength and has fully transformed and one of the most empowered electrical construction companies in the Cape and in South Africa within its sector.

Adenco Construction commits itself to quality and excellence in terms of its workmanship and performance, striving to ensure complete customer satisfaction. One of the the company’s projects achievements is being the electrical contractor on De Aar 1 Maanhaarberg a 90 MW, 67 tower wind farm and on De Aar 2 North a 140MW, 96 tower wind farm in the Northern Cape South Africa for EPC, Longyuan Engineering.

Schmidhauser Electrical  is another top electrical contractors in South Africa which prides itself with having the highest quality electrical services in the country.

The company boasts its uniqueness in having  a 24-hour call out service, unrivaled after-sales and maintenance packages, warrantees on all workmanship and SABS guaranteed products.

Schmidhauser Electrical’s workmanship carries the stamp of Swiss precision: meticulous, precise, on time, within budget and professional. This has added to the company becoming the electrical service leaders in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

Schmidhauser Electrical specializes in electrical maintenance. We do electrical inspections and fix troublesome, faulty or unsafe electrical installations. Their clients come in all shapes and sizes, from big factories and multinational companies throughout Africa, to smaller domestic projects.


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