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LED lighting is emerging as the leading green lighting source. Advances in LED lighting is making the technology more and more accessible for people who are looking for a little mood lighting and wish to get their “Green” on as well. Below is a list of the myriad residential indoor and outdoor uses for LED lighting.

It’s important to provide diversity in energy resources and to use sustainable energy resource beside local resources. In the recent years, LEDs have been increasingly used in indoor lighting systems because of their low energy high efficiency and their ability to maintain the light-flux value at a constant level for a long period of time.

Here are some of the top suppliers of LED lights

Lumeno LED

Lumeno LED is a company that distributes of LED Lighting products in South Africa, including Lightbars, Spotlights, Vehicle Lights & Bulbs, LED Accessories and HID Kits. The company has managed to source high quality products from Germany, Korea, China and Australia and some of the products are manufactured locally and hold the Proudly South African status.

The company has recently become the importers and sole distributor for a range of outdoor and 4 x 4 products and accessories. These are all available from most 4 x 4 fitment and accessory stores and leading outdoor camping and caravan outlets.


Axolight is a lighting company with offices in Italy and in the United States, which designs and manufactures high-end decorative designer lamps, prevalent for indoor use.All Axolight products are made in conformity with international standards on the subject of human and environmental welfare.

Axolight designs and manufactures products in small, medium and large sizes. For each Axolight product, you can find out the sizes available by following the size indication: S, M, L, XL.

Top LED lighting suppliers

Marset lighting

Marset‘s design team is as international as any company can boast of and included designers from Chile, Germany, Finland and Spain. The variety of backgrounds is reflected in their eclecticism of their catalogue. Every product is unquestionably unique; from the vintage to the futuristic, from the subtle to the bold. Each design is certain to lend personality to any room it is placed in.


OLE! LIGHTING is a lighting brand of modern decorative lights in Valencia (Spain) for projects in hospitality/ hotels, working areas, restaurants, residentials…. They combine innovation, design and high-quality materials. All backed by AENOR quality stamps.

The company’s uniqueness is their focus on the design of original, actual & useful lighting, with the mission of creating easy day to day solutions, becoming the choice of architects and interior designers for their projects.

Ole! Lighting is adapted to current market trends with its avant-garde designs. Ole! is for day-to-day hospitality & residential projects of most demanding professionals, offering fresh designs which will make your client feel that he is receiving a personalized unique solution.

Top LED lighting suppliers

Thorlux lighting

Thorlux lighting are manufacturers, designers and suppliers of professional lighting systems since 1936 an extensive client be like Nigeria.. Thorlux is well known throughout the world and provides a comprehensive range of professional lighting and control systems for architectural, commercial, floodlighting, industrial, hazardous area and tunnel applications.


LBY Africa is part of an international company and their LEDs are distributed all over the world. Their products are specifically designed and engineered for architectural and feature lighting as well as for signage illumination. Lens design, colour temperature, lumen output and quality are important aspects of their products.

LBY focus on supplying high quality, efficient and cost effective LED modules, Linear Tape Light and power supplies. Their product range has been well researched in order to provide a simple choice between the best modules for channel letters, light boxes, and Linear Tape Light.

LBY has been producing high quality products since 2004 and employs over 500 people. The LBY distribution network is continuing to expand and the products are currently sold in over 120 countries.

Lexis lighting
Lexis lighting offers a wide range of lighting design including Indoor and Outdoor lighting & energy saving lighting design in Leicestershire, UK and worldwide. Lexus provides service of the highest standards; Lexus Dealer Service Centres are always up-to-date with the latest advances in Lexus technology. Lexis Commercial Lighting Products are UK based and manufactured in China where the company’s pride is representing consistent quality products, competitive wholesale pricing and prompt courteous service.
Integrated Systems Technology Ltd

Integrated Systems Technology Ltd are global pioneers in the delivery of smart, low voltage power and Ethernet(PaE) LED lighting project which is based in UK but serving an extensive client be like South Africa and Nigeria. The company designs and manufactures world leading, flicker free LED drivers, serenity LED lighting and control systems for intelligent buildings in commercial, architectural, entertainment, outdoor and amenity applications

The IST team has considerable lighting and LED experience and has been working with LEDs for 20 years; they are the key innovators of advanced technologies used within the LED industry with over 20 international patents covering LED drivers, power design, optical systems. The company has built a strong reputation as pioneers within the SSL industry, with a strong focus on quality, service and delivery.

Chz lighting

Shanghai CHZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is one of leading manufacturer of LED lighting products in China. After years of development CHZ has become one well known brand in the field of lighting. The company offers LED flood light, LED Tube, Solar street light, LED High Bay light, LED street light.

Esave electrical and lighting

Since 2003, the ESAVE energy-efficiency program has contributed to energy savings and improved efficiency in all operative business units.

Improved energy efficiency is an integral part of daily life at Essity. ESAVE is a program that encompasses investments in energy-efficient technical solutions, the involvement of employees in daily improvement activities and a general change in attitude toward the use of energy at Essity. Knowledge sharing is leveraged across the Group through training and various networks, and the company is part of several onboarding programs for young engineers.

Best practices are shared digitally, in real time, to achieve energy-efficiency excellence by learning from others. Essity also cooperates with external stakeholders, such as machinery suppliers, to ensure continued leadership in energy efficiency and continuous improvements. All new equipment is energy efficient by design.

Lumin lighting

Lumin Lighting is a fast-growing semiconductor lighting manufacturer in China. Lumin Lighting was founded on November 17, 2008. Since its founding, Lumin Lighting is committed to developing, manufacturing, and popularizing LED lighting products, helping people with energy-saving, carbon emission reduction, and maintainable development. Nowadays, Lumin Lighting has already been successful in providing quality LED lighting products and green lighting solutions to thousands of families, institutions, and communities worldwide.

Lumin’s product lines mainly include LED panel light, linear light,LED downlight,and LED high bayLED Panel Light,LED Tube Light,LED Downlight,LED Outdoor Light,Lumin Lighting, focusing on lighting  solutions to the office, school,hospital,retail shop,shopping mall,warehouse,factory, exhibition hall,etc.

Luxtella lighting

Le- technika is a leading European developer and manufacturer of LED street lights and luminaries. The brand of LED luminaries and lights Luxtella include LED street lights, industrial high bay LED lights, LED solat street lights, Ornamental and Retrofiy LED lights and LED lights that can be used for public lighting of roads, bicycle tracks etc. the company prioritizes the quality of lightin products that they offer to their customers. Their products are made from the best components from premium suppliers.  

Kinglight lighting

Shenzhen Kinglight Co.,LTD is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to packaging of LED for display and illumination. With the tradition of creation and outstanding contribution in packaging industry, the company is awarded with honor of“Guangdong Province Enterprise of Credit” “National High-tech Enterprise”“Top 10 of Guangdong LED packaging Enterprise” “CompetitionTop10of National illumination LED packaging Enterprise” “Outstanding National LED Packaging Enterprise” “National Top Competitive LED Enterprise”.

As leading supplier of LED light source solution, Kinglight adhere to “Innovation inspire development “core strategy, persist on technique upgrade, and lead national LED industry to the world. To improve production innovation and additional value, our technical team lead by Doctors establish a high standard r&d platform and obtain outstanding achievement, we’ve acquired many national and international patents covering key technology of RGB and illumination LED industry, and became creator of industry model for quality system.

Salvi lighting

Salvi lighting Barcelona is present in the lighting world developing last generation lighting products for urban spaces. The company has consolidated its work in the Edition and production of public lighting elements and energy efficiency. Innovation, quality and design are three elements present in all the lighting products adding value, guaranteeing originality and longevity to our whole range of products. The quality department tests and verifies all materials, components, and finished products before coming to market.

LED hero light

LED hero Lighting is definitely the greatest evolution in the lighting industry that the industry has not experienced since electric light got invented. The company brings for you LED Halogen Replacement Bulbs, LED Light Bulb and all kinds of LED lights that you may look for. They are Plant Growth, Reef and Aquarium; Automotive, Cars and RV; Marine, Boat and Yachts; Flashlights, Candles, Festivals, Decoration and Christmas; Home, Landscape and Industrial LED lighting. They are a wholesaler of LED lighting, working effectively as distributor of LED lights and are also supplier of LED light. LED lights are bringing a transition in the technology of lighting by bringing up new innovative concepts for where and how these lights can be utilized to better the lighting experience of people.

Lumen pulse

Lumen pulse designs, develops manufactures and sells a wide range of high performance and sustainable specification-grade LED solutions for commercial, institutional and urban environments.

While other LED lighting manufacturers have their roots in electronics or traditional lighting, Lumenpulse’s distinctive combination of strong industrial design and electronics know how has enabled the company to innovate ahead of its rivals and to offer more options for sustainable interior and exterior lighting.

Their products embody a design philosophy that respects the aims of lighting specifiers and the needs of the end-user. The company designs and manufactures its durable, high-performance fixtures in families to ensure that they are simple to specify and configure. Its luminaires offer a ‘crayon box of options’ – myriad choices of optics, colours, accessories and finishes – that allow designers to solve all types of lighting challenges from small office interiors to large stadiums and resorts.


ROVASI designs and manufactures architectural and commercial lighting solutions ranging from interior lighting fixtures to complex exterior fixtures. Since 1992 we design and produce luminaires that are ahead of constantly changing trends and demands, there are companies and professionals on five continents that place their trust in our products and count on ROVASI for accomplishing exciting projects.

The company satisfies its customers and the users of the lighting fixtures that they manufacture and,likewise, all those who participate in the lighting projects: lighting consultants, engineers, architects, interior designers.

CN lighting

CN lighting locally manufacturers high-quality, low-maintenance, LED lighting solutions for the aviation industry. The company’s brand is synonymous with innovation, assisting clients in the global transition from the incandescent lighting technologies to the very latest in LED technology. The company designs is innovate and innovate to advance, offering aerodrome and heliport operators products which are tailored to meet their specific requirements. The company is the first LED airfield lighting manufacturer-supplier in South Africa

The lighting intensity of their products are excellent, particularly the runway and PAPI lights that complies with ICAO Annex 14 standard as proofed by SABS test results. The LED lights also have a minimum of 50,000 – 80,000 hours of life that proofs the quality of all our products.

Daylight lighting

The supplies wholesalers and retailers throughout South Africa, and Africa, with the latest illumination technology; and provide architects, engineers and other specifier with world class lighting innovations, advice and solutions. The LEDs are NRCS and SANS Certified and deliver optimum performance while conforming to international energy efficiency standards.

The company installs the LED lights from household, workshops, garages and low traffic areas to office blocks, shopping centres, warehouses, factories and hospitals.

HJ lighting

HJ lighting is the gateway to the lighting industry and a leading supplier and distributor for the lighting market where the company has grown to horizon. The company also source the best quality overseas, high surge protected, excellent lumen output.

The company also offers lighting consulting, technical expertise, lighting layout, design and installation, distributor of light fittings and spares and also distributes Spazio furniture

Festive lighting

The company is the importer and exporter of a variety of decorative lights. Their LED Lights are top quality and are approved by the NRCS in South Africa. The company is also specialized in OUTDOOR RUBBER STRING LIGHTS, which are very popular products because they are robust and durable where all lights are of high standards and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

TSA International (TSA)

TSA’s infrastructure ensures that the company is at the forefront of technological advancement, and has expanded to the point that it possesses an unprecedented range of services. These facilities include manufacturing, sales & marketing, installation, maintenance & consulting.

Leading Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) provider in South Africa and Africa, TSA International (TSA) uses state-of-the-art and innovative technologies in its projects & solutions. TSA provides the platform to acquire and communicate event data reliably and accurately in real-time reducing data inaccuracies, operational costs and theft of assets resulting in an increase in service level performance.