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Top solar energy companies in the world

The sudden increase in the popularity of solar products in Africa has given solar product manufacturers, distributors and installers around the world numerous growth opportunities in terms of sales and innovations in the recent past. Below is a list of top solar energy companies in the world:

Trina Solar

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider. The company engages in PV product research and development, manufacture and sales; PV project development, operation and maintenance; smart micro-grid and multi-energy complementary system development and sales, as well as energy cloud-platform operation.

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As one of the most experienced PV suppliers, Trina Solar has a comprehensive product portfolio of highly efficient solar panels to meet various needs of application scenarios worldwide. Supported by the  State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China, which has achieved 19 world records in terms of conversion efficiency and output power, Trina Solar has led the industry with multiple innovative PV technologies including N-type i-topcon, IBC etc. It also has strong capabilities to solve the difficulties of technology integration, in order to better minimize the LCoE for customers.

Trina solar business has covered more than half of the African countries including South Africa, Egypt and Morocco among others.

Haining Sunfull Solar Technology Co., Ltd

Located in Haining City in Zhejiang Province of China, Sunfull Solar is a hi-tech enterprise which is specialized in the research and manufacture of solar vacuum tubes, solar water heaters and solar collectors by the use of advanced technology and comprehensive facilities.

The company has been devoted in assisting the world to collect and convert energy from the Sun into hot water. It has been actively exporting their products to the African countries including but not limited to the following countries; Burkina Faso, Mauritius, Somalia and South Africa.

Elsol – Solar Energy Systems Ltd.

Elsol is a solar company based in Israel that specializes in designing, producing, marketing, installing and servicing solar hot water systems, solar thermal systems, cogeneration and energy saving products.

The company has long experience in solar thermal field of producing hot water to large systems that can be applied in hotels, hospitals and the industry as well as vast knowledge in supplying economical and individual systems of high quality in reasonable prices without compromising the quality of their products.

Elsol solar systems can be found all over the world including South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana and Zambia in Africa.

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UKSOL is a British solar energy specialist with global reach and visionary ambition, delivering high quality, affordable solar technology supported by a secure 30-year warranty.

The global market for solar equipment and installation is in its relative infancy and, as such, is too often characterized by opportunists with little sense of fidelity to the customers they serve. Against this backdrop, UKSOL recognizes the importance of bringing the sincerity, adaptability and commitment often associated with British business practice to solar panel projects around the world. It is this quintessentially British approach that allows the company to do things differently and support their customers with the first-class care they need and increasingly expect.

UKSOL has developed a growing network of exclusive solar technology resellers worldwide, including Africa’s Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Gambia, Ethiopia, Mali, South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritania, etc., with the United Kingdom branch serving as the network’s hub.

Macro-Solar Technology Co., Ltd

Macro-Solar is a professional solar panels manufacturer established in 2006. The company has fully automated production line with high quality and stable working performance, a strong R&D team to ensure customization solution, and 10,000 square meters factory guarantees fast delivery time plus adequately satisfactory technical support and after-sale service.

Macro-Solar PV modules have been delivering strong operating performance, providing clean & reliable solar electric power to on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale applications to a wide range of clients from around the world including but not limited to Kenya, South Africa, Congo, Lebanon and Syria in Africa.

GTC Solar Industry and Trade Inc.

GTC Solar Industry is a PV module manufacturer established in 1995 at Istanbul, Turkey, as an independent company.

All of GTC’s products comply with the highest quality standards and stand out through high performance and top design.

For instance their 6X modules have a service time of up to 50 years with minimal external degradation. They minimize required land, maximize output per m2, reduce mounting system cost, and drive up strings Voltage to 1500 V. This modules can be used in Rooftops (Flush) and Ground Mounting where they dispose of grounding to minimize cables used and decrease set-up time.

On the other hand, their panels are dual glass bifacial enabling them to capture light from 360˚ boosting yield up to 20% with an ideal Albedo as well as optimizing customer’s power plant with higher string voltage – 1500Vdc while maximizing the area used with high power modules and they reduce CAPEX for the solar system to balance. They also decrease heat power loss, preserve their performance and structural integrity across time and different weather conditions (6x higher than IEC standards), protect cells to crack even with extreme glass bowing under load (up to 5400 pa). Never the less, they avoid edge pollution and allow snow or sand/dust to slide down easily due to their frameless design.

Azuri Technologies Ltd

Founded in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Azuri Technologies is a commercial provider of pay-as-you-go solar home solutions specifically designed for off-grid households.

The company has uniquely combined cutting-edge solar innovation, mobile payment and management technology as well as machine-learning technology to deliver small, affordable solar systems that enables off-grid families, without access to main electricity, to generate clean and reliable power for their homes.

With Azuri solar solutions, customers have a stand-alone solar system in their house, with a panel, control unit including batteries and consumer devices such as LED lights, rechargeable radio and television. The system is paid in 2-3 years small increments by use of mobile phone, making it the most affordable for low-income families who no longer have to rely and purchase harmful fossil fuels.

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Dennis Ayemba
Dennis Ayemba
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