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Non-renewable energy sources are quickly getting depleted and with an ever growing global population, these sources are expected to become even more scarce. The world and most specifically African countries are now looking for cheaper, renewable and more environmentally friendly solutions to supply energy to homes and industries.

In Kenya, the construction industry is now focusing on renewable energy sources with various companies, both local and international, showing great interest. With high electricity bills, more construction owners are opting to use solar to power their homes as well as heat their water.  In addition to saving energy costs, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) regulation on households to have solar water heaters, the market has drastically opened up with contractors including solar water heaters in their design plans.

With that, more solar companies have entered into the market and those who were already in the market are benefiting greatly. Here are some of the top solar water heater suppliers that are operating in Kenya.

Ellen Power Systems

Ellen Power Systems have been in the industry for the past five years, distributing Magnizon inverters, solar energy products and have been partners for power backup solutions.

The company prides itself of a well-knit team of engineers who configure, design, integrate, supply and install their solar products according to the clients’ needs. Ellen Power Systems assures their clients 100 per cent satisfaction based on the quality of their products as well as their great pre and post sale services.

Ellen Power Systems focuses in providing solutions for solar home power, solar agriculture, small office and home applications, industrial applications, data centers as well as solar thermal applications among others.

Based in Nairobi, their vision is to be an exemplary distributor of the power back up solutions through green energy. The company serves various clients including industries such as banks, the IT industry, schools, food and beverage packing industry, as well as large public and private sectors.


Solense is a one stop provider for all your green energy and power backup solutions. The company works closely with innovative suppliers and manufacturers from around the world in providing the best products for their clients. Based in Nairobi, Solense works together with other partners in the region to ensure lives are made easier by increasing production capacities in the commercial sector through giving constant power for lighting, computerization and domestic use.

Their ranges of products are sourced from Europe and North America which allow for innovation as well as quality. The company packages their products to suit each of their clients’ needs, not only maximizing on cost but also quality. Their solar panels have a 6 to 10 year warranty and a life span of 25 years. In addition to that, their batteries have a life span of 2 years and a lifespan of 12 years. Solense also focuses in providing power backup solutions, lighting solutions, hot water solutions, water pumping and mini grids.

Solense works under its parent company, Center for Alternative Technology, who has been in the renewable energy industry since 1996. Through the years, both companies have amassed great experience from the many successful installations it has completed for lodges, residential homes, farms offices, hospitals as well as village water pumping.

Power Point Systems E.A

Power Point Systems East Africa specializes in renewable solutions such as solar and power control solutions such as power back up systems.  They offer both hybrid and stand alone systems and specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems both at industrial and residential levels.

The organization has years of experience in the solar and electrical fields with efforts being geared towards customer satisfaction. Their products come with warranty and they offer after sales services which includes repair and maintenance.

Kenital Solar

Kenital Smart Energy Solutions has been in business for the last 30 years and has established itself as a reputable provider of renewable energy. The company has done thousands of installations not only in Africa but also in Europe, Middle East and Australia. Through it vast experiences in remote areas of the world, Kenital has developed a cost effective approach that has resulted to the establishment of great trust between them and their clients.

Kenital believes in evolving, and this includes the type of technology used in their products as well as the suitability of its employees in being able to deliver.

Go Solar Systems Ltd

Go Solar Systems is one of the oldest and leading solar companies in Kenya and in the East African region. With more than 10 years experience, the company has immersed great technology and knowledge in the supply and installation of solar PV lighting systems, solar water heaters, power back up systems and solar water pumping solutions.

Go Solar Systems prides itself in providing personalized services tailored to meet the requirements of the region. The company invests a lot in testing new products and technologies to be able to determine which product will prove most effective and resourceful. Besides solar hot water systems, the company also deals with wind generators.

The company has installed solar systems for NGOs, private companies, parastatals as well as individual residential homes in Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Zambia and Somalia.

Suntech Power Systems

Suntech Power Systems focuses on the supply and distribution of solar and energy related equipment in Kenya and the entire East African region. Its primary solutions include solar hot water, solar street lighting, power backup, solar pumping, solar power & lighting, grid-tie and hybrid solar as well a solar wind hybrid.

Suntech specializes in sourcing for the best products as well as offer professional advice on their products. The company is emerging as a new leader in the renewable energy sector as it focuses on providing energy solutions that address the current energy challenges such as cost.

EOS Solar Company

EOS Solar Company operates in East Africa and provides solar energy solutions to both Kenya and its neighboring countries. It prides itself of taking a leadership role in the renewable energy sector, where it uses solar energy as a platform for catapulting industrial and social growth across Africa.

EOS has worked and partnered with various organizations such as the ERC, Kenya Power among others in providing solar solutions to organizations, schools and residential homes. The company provides industrial, residential, commercial and community solar solutions.

Its comprehensive services such as providing consultancy services, its involvement in project planning, as well as operation and maintenance of the equipment make it among the top leading solar companies in the region.

OFGEN (Off-Grid Energy Company East Africa)

OFGEN was founded in July 2011 in Kenya and has proven itself a trend setter in the solar industry. The company pride itself as a professional solar energy provider that designs, supplies and installs solar PV and thermal products for both domestic and commercial markets. It aims to be the leading solar PV technology company in East and Central Africa.

OFGEN aims to create a sustainable future by providing innovative and appropriate solar PV solutions that adequately meets the needs of the client. It has worked with schools, community centers as well as private and public institutions.

OFGEN prioritizes the use of modern technology in their products and utilize innovative solar solutions. They also work with architects and developers to incorporate solar technology into construction projects by offering guidance throughout the entire planning and development process.

Plexus Energy

Plexus Energy offers energy solutions by focusing on green energy products. Located in Nairobi, Kenya; the company partners with global leaders as well as local companies in providing alternative energy solutions to their clients.

Not only do they provide clean energy, the organization gives their clients value for their money by reducing costs. Their technique makes them a pace setter in the solar industry having partnered with various leading companies in Kenya such as Liquid Telcom, Access Kenya Group, Karibu Homes among others.

The company deals with solar batteries, solar water heaters, solar panels and inverters. One of its pioneering solutions is the Kijiji solar (K-Solar), a solar powering system that generate electricity that runs into the home, farm and business. This product, that provides lighting all day and for 4-5 hours at night, is ideal for rural homes who have no access to electricity or want to minimize on electricity bills.As a green energy company, Plexus Energy emphasizes on efficiency in its products as well as customer service. Its mission is to lead the society’s transition to green energy.

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