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Top solar water heater suppliers in Uganda

Solar water heaters are gaining popularity in Uganda especially since the country has only 601.1 MWof installed electric power capacity. This power is insufficient and could be used better. Among the energy-saving techniques implemented to avoid or reduce load shedding is the use of solar water heaters.

The Ugandan market is quickly adapting and warming up to the use of solar water heaters as a means of energy conservation. Below are the top solar water heater suppliers in Uganda.

Davis& Shirtliff
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Davis & Shirtliff Group is the leading supplier of water-related equipment in the East African region. Founded in 1946, its business activities are focused on six principal product sectors; water pumps, Boreholes, swimming pools, water treatment, generators, solar equipment, and irrigation. They offer quality solutions for all solar power needs, providing an extensive range of complementary products sourced from industry- leading suppliers combined with expert application advice, large stocks and a commitment to service ensuring the ideal solar solution.

Power Trust Uganda

Power Trust is a privately owned company, established in 2011 the company has grown exponentially with an aim to serve the ever-growing needs of the energy sector by supplying appropriate environmentally friendly products and services.

The company handles both domestic and commercial solar systems while offering reliable electrical engineering solutions. They deal in sourcing, providing, installation and servicing of solar systems, solar water heaters, power back up systems and generators.

Ultra Tec (U) Ltd

Established in 1999 to serve the needs of the growing energy and telecommunications sectors concerning supplying appropriate products and services,Ultra Tec (U) Ltd represent reputable international manufacturers a practice that ensured that the products and services offered are of the best performance and high-quality standards.

They are the representatives of Solahart when it comes to solar water heaters which provide all types of water heating including Commercial systems and Energy saving in general.

Balton Uganda

With over two decades since its inception, Balton & Chromagen has established itself as a pioneering, dominant force to reckon with within Uganda’s ever-growing economy. Fueled by their passion and desire to empower the people of Africa they strive to introduce new, cutting-edge technologies and knowledge.

The company have partnered with Chromagen that is a leading international manufacturer of solar and electric water heaters, combining the most advanced technology and traditional heating methods. The products incorporate state of the art engineering, rugged construction and select materials resulting in efficient and durable products.

Village Energy

Founded in 2009 with a goal of bringing energy access to rural communities by employing Ugandan youth to manufacture and distribute solar systems locally. Through their pastoral work, Village Energy Company realized how the lack of after- sales servicing option created lack of trust of solar in the rural areas. This challenged them to come up with their current community solar expert model focused on developing the human capital and physical infrastructure needed for a sustainable rural solar economy and have since

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  1. Thanks for the article, though you have not mentioned Next Generation Technologies, it may be little know but they have high quality solar water heaters and at very friendly prices. The company has been in existence and operational since 2009 and has done lots of work including water pumps, irrigation, lighting and solar heating.


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