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Trenchless technology has been utilized for pipeline rehabilitation for many years. Advantages of trenchless technology include; reduced surface disruptions, lower reinstallation costs, and shorter construction times. The following are some of the top trenchless technology equipment companies in the world.

Prime Horizontal 

Since their beginnings in 1998, Prime Horizontal has become a leading HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) service company and is actively engaged with innovations within the HDD market. Whether this requires guidance services, down hole tooling, rig data recording systems or bespoke developments, Prime’s dedicated team is ready to support all client’s HDD project needs.

Prime Horizontal offer a complete line of drill bits, hole openers, reamers and mud motors, together with a field mobile break out unit for the in-field repair of motors. From the drawing board, through project design, project implementation and post-project reporting, Prime’s field engineers work with their customers to assure operator confidence and to transfer to the operator the detailed knowledge of methods and results.

Prime Horizontal group of companies, has been involved in a complete range of projects from setting world records for the longest HDD projects utilizing the latest intersect technology, to small length highly accurate pilot holes in freeze hole drilling application. And more than 150 CBM successfully performed with use of RMRS (Rotating Magnet Raging System).


Industrial equipment supplier Vermeer has been providing agricultural and industrial equipment that is built tough, built to perform, built for value and backed by caring customer service for more than 50 years. Its robust dealer network consists of more than 500 dealership locations worldwide.

The company also delivers a positive impact on the more than 3,000 team members of Vermeer and its affiliated companies, who have chosen to build a lasting, successful career at one of its worldwide locations. These are people who are committed to making a difference in the communities in which they live and work.

The company’s unique aspect in the machines include; Reliability, Durability and Longevity. This has contributed to the large market share Vermeer holds. Other aspects include ease of operation, ease of maintenance and common controls throughout the entire product range. The operator controls on the majority of Vermeer drills are identical to those of the larger pipeline installation rigs and that enables fleet owners to have all machines sizes being operated by same HDD personnel with ease.

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ELB Equipment (ELB)

ELB Equipment (ELB), is one of a few South African companies who can offer a broad range of earthmoving, construction, mining and quarrying equipment from a single supplier. The company has established itself as one of the most respected names in the industry and is a division of ELB Equipment Holdings Group, a JSE-listed company.

All their Ditch Witch machines are designed to have class-leading performance in a package that is easy to use, reliable with lower maintenance requirements. The Ditchwitch Horizontal Directional Drill is one of the leading proponents in the Ditch Witch range allowing burrowing beneath roads and pavements with minimal disruption to surface traffic, while also being able to avoid other buried utilities.

HDD technology effectively employs a drill rig to steer a drill pipe on a set horizontal path underground from one side of an obstacle to the other. Once on the other end the operator is then able to attach a backreamer which is pulled through the narrow pilot hole to cut and remove the soil to the required diameter.

Premier Drill Products

Premier Drill Products™  an Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) manufacturer builds and distributes the most complete line of horizontal drilling (HDD) tubulars in the world. They also manufacture and distribute virtually all sizes of Vermeer®, Jet Trac® and Case® compatible rods, not to mention rods for most other rigs. They began operations in 1990 and has grown to a position of leadership in the industry through devotion to quality control, product reliability, and a well-founded reputation for customer service.

The unique aspect in the company’s product is that they forge 4130 alloy tube bodies and Inertia Weld precision machined 4140 tool joints using a method which is in conformance with the American Petroleum Institute guidelines, even though HDD pipe doesn’t qualify for such a standard. Premier boasts to be the only U.S. OCTG manufacturer who owns their own forges and heat treat lines; and produces HDD drill pipe on the same production lines as Oilfield Drill Pipe, which sees extreme duty in some of the deepest laterals in the world.

AMC Drilling Optimization

AMC Drilling Optimization is a leading global mining equipment, technology and services (METS) company. The company specializes on Drilling Optimization, through optimizing equipment for exploration and mining related drilling but also toward HDD, pillar and foundation drilling which is a very important division in Trenchless Equipment towards construction.

The company’s unique aspects of their trenchless equipment include their chemical solution which has proven track records that promotes safety, production and overall cost reduction. Their Solids Removal Units (SRU) received the AMEC Award for Environmental Excellence as well as the Winner of the Mitsubishi Corporation Innovator of the Year Award.

AMC’s advice to potential is ” To gain sustainable growth with less risks and greater returns in today’s markets, technology is the way forward. We can not prepare for the next industrial revolution unless we fully embrace all aspects of technology that is available in all markets.”


Bodotex leads the African Trenchless Technology market as a supplier of the best hand picked selection of European Trenchless Technology solutions, equipment, materials and training.

Bodotex was established in 1953 in Denmark and has developed into a manufacturing supplier of Epoxy resins, chemicals, composite materials and trenchless pipeline technology through its companies in Denmark and South Africa.

Bodotex boasts a wide offering of pipeline rehabilitation solutions such as ProKASRO UV curing technology and cutters, SAERTEX reinforced UV curing CIPP Liners, ElastoTec Spray lining systems, IBOS CCTV and Jetting equipment and Amex Sanivar Pipe seals.

Trenchless Technologies

Trenchless Technologies has been in existence for more than two decades, and was specifically formed to cater for the growing need for non-disruptive, cost effective solutions to pipe laying problems in South Africa.

Trenchless technologies is a 70% BEE owned company with services that include directional drilling, horizontal boring, pipe ramming and microtunnelling for new pipeline installations, pipe bursting, pipe reaming, sliplining, Sekesui(RibLoc)Spiral-Wound piping, CIPP/ softlining fo rexisting pipeline replacement and rehabilitation as well as CCTV pipeline inspection.

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