7 Reasons To Hire a Water Damage Restoration Professional

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A water damage restoration professional is what you need when a broken pipe or a flash flood causes untold damage to your home. Floods can cause immense amounts of water damage to your home that sometimes require extensive restoration efforts. Not only can water damage ruin your valuables and furniture, but they can also damage the house – and become extremely costly. If you can act fast, you can minimize the damage and save some of your things. Cleaning up after being in a flood isn’t fun. The temptation to do the job yourself is strong because of the perceived cost savings. However, there are critical reasons you should contact a professional to manage the water damage concern in your home.

1 Lower Restoration Costs And Total Losses Time

This is of essence when it comes to water damage restoration to prevent fast-growing mold that can occur along with other damage and health risks. While it may seem like hiring a water damage restoration professional will actually increase costs, in the long run it will save money. The faster you remove items from the water, the more likely you are to save them. Dealing with water damage in its early stages and acting on it properly can prevent further and costlier damage. A water restoration and remodeling contractor can inspect the damage, come up with the plan to resolve the problem, and restore your damaged home so you and your family can get back to relaxing and living in your home.

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2 Even If It Looks Dry, There Still May Be Moisture!

Water always takes the path of least resistance, flowing to the lowest point on your property. Even so, you can’t always know where moisture will hide. Cracks and cavities in walls and above ceilings, layers of flooring, and all other sorts of places hide water. However, without proper training, without meters to measure the moisture, you won’t be able to find all the places water lingers. Which makes it one of the critical reason to hire a Water Damage Restoration pro to get your home dried professionally because they locate all the hidden water damage – before it becomes a health threat.

3 Assessment and Restoration Plan

An important task that professionals do when arriving to a property to perform water damage restoration is an assessment of the damage. By doing this, they are able to figure out the best way to address the damage properly. Even if you’re able to eliminate any standing water yourself, you wouldn’t be able to figure out such details without the necessary knowledge.

4 Save Your Possessions!

Materials and furniture exposed to flood water must be carefully evaluated. If you try to do this on your own, you may discard things that could be saved. Conversely, you may save things that absolutely must be discarded. Part of any professional water damage restoration process is evaluating your possessions. And a water damage restoration professional can explain what’s safe to keep and what you need to discard. And, for the contaminated items being disposed, they haul it away for you as part of the restoration service!

5 Flood Water Is Contaminated!

Flood water carries a number of contaminants with it. Don’t expose yourself to contaminants, contact a professional that uses proper personal protective equipment. Keep in mind, even if the water damage did not come from outside, clean water can still contain contaminants if it filtered through building materials.

6 Prevent Mold and Bacteria Growth!

The biggest health threat after water damage is mold and bacterial growth. Mold needs a source of moisture to start growing and once it forms, it will cause damage on the surfaces it grows on and increase the risk of certain health effects such as allergies and infection. While your home will eventually dry out, moisture left inside the walls or under floors starts to grow mold in as little as 24 hours. And mold can damage your family’s health for a very long time.

7 Specialized Drying Equipment!

There’s nothing that you can rent from your local hardware store or borrow from your friend down the street that dries out your home like the equipment water damage restoration pros have. In a water damage emergency, you need industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers, placed in a very specific pattern for the most efficient drying environment. Which in turn saves the time and cost that you would invest while doing it yourself. Water damage professionals have the necessary skills that are required to clear the mess. In addition to the skills, professional companies also have the specialized equipment that is meant to do a clean job. Above reasons briefly describe why to have a professional handle the water damage cleanup and restoration process so that it’s completely and thoroughly done.

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6 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Hire a Water Damage Restoration Professional”

  1. It’s nice that you pointed out how water damage restoration services could find all the hidden water damage before they become a health risk. Our house is showing some signs of water damage and that doesn’t sound good for the house itself and the ones who live in it. With that in mind, we should contact some specialists to take care of it.

  2. You made a great point when you said that the flood water may be contaminated and trying to clean it without the proper PPEs could be a health hazard. Our basement is flooded currently due to a pipe that burst while we were out on vacation for a month and my husband thinks that he can fix it on his own. I doubt he has access to all the equipment and training that a professional water damage restoration service does though, so I’ll be sure to hire a professional to help and to stop him from doing his DIY repairs.

  3. Thank you for mentioning how it is important to hire a professional water damage restoration service to deter the growth of mold and bacteria in your house. My boyfriend’s basement flooded this morning and his family wants to get their house back in good condition. I’ll suggest that they hire a water damage restoration service for their house to prevent any mold or bacteria from growing.

  4. Thank you for advising people to hire a flood damage restoration professional if a burst pipe causes damage to your home. Last night my pipes burst but I was able to shut off the water connection to my house. There is some damage so I’ll hire a flood repair professional to come to check it out later today.

  5. Thanks for explaining how the faster you call a water damage restoration service, the more money you save. I think a lot of people worry about losing money by having them fix everything. In reality, they can save a lot of your possessions if you call them sooner.

  6. My house was flooded due to the typhoon that attacked my hometown last week. That’s why I’m currently looking for a water restoration service, that may address this concern. I agree with you that water restoration can prevent mold from growing. Also, what you’ve stated is correct; even though my place already looks dry, there’s a possibility that the water may have penetrated the cracks in the walls.

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