Tshedimosetso in South Africa is the first ever green building to incorporate solar facades in Africa

Tshedimosetso green building
The new Tshedimosetso Green Building in South Africa to Boast Energy Conservation

Tshedimosetso green building in South Africa boasts the continent’s first ever building to be integrated with solar façade. The building is also used in research into the use of such technology around Africa.

The unique aspect about this building located in Hatfield and used as the new Government Communications and Information Systems (GCIS) building, is the incorporation of two different types of power generating glass – which have never been tested in Africa before. One of the two types is the E-Glass windows that have blue crystalline PV wafers within the glass and the other is the clear Tropiglas solution that uses nanotechnology polymer stuck between two layers of glass.

The building integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) replaces the unadventurous building materials, making it a major talking point among enthusiasts of sustainability. The balconies of this building, which are located along the edge, allow interaction with the street life, while there is a delicate level at the entrance that reveals the difference between the building’s semi-private and public use.

Research into the Tshedimosetso green building project is headed by Prof. Jan-Harm from the University of Johannesburg, with connections to Edith Cowan University in Australia. The research entails monitoring the building remotely reporting on comparison between the two types of BIPV used.

They are also monitoring how different sides of building perform and the first set of results are expected to be presented in November 2014.

Initially, the new green building was meant to have a standard commercial office design, but this changed and now it will be a world class work place showcasing green technology and at the same time preserving historical monuments.

The new green building proves the South African Government’s commitment to move towards vision 2030 and GCIS part in energy and water conservation. Other green buildings in South Africa include The Towers (formerly Standard Bank Center) by Redefine Properties; and the Nedbank Lakeview Building from Nedbank.  


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